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Thank you for considering me for your event.  I am honored.  I know the work necessary to set up a quality event, and that the speaker can make or break it.


My goal is to  equip, encourage, and entertain your audience, with practical and actionable tips, that will motivate and move them to action!

  • If you have ever sat through a boring speech, anxious for it to end.
  • If you have ever left an event and wondered, “What was the point?”
  • If you want for your audience to leave empowered to achieve greater success…
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Then choosing the RIGHT speaker is one of the most important decisions. My reputation for being authentic, humorous, and engaging has resulted in becoming a  popular emcee and sought after speaker. The joke in my family, is that I was born with a microphone in my hand. I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years.


From small groups to large events, I am dedicated to using my gifts and abilities, to create an enjoyable and transformative experience for your event attendees

“Susie Miller’s speech was one of the most DYNAMIC and eye opening experiences I’ve encountered in years. She was able to boil down an extremely complex topic into bite size memorable and actionable chunks. Her command of the crowd, brilliant delivery, and contagious personality made her presentation a joy to sit through, and the information was PRICELESS!!!!”

Gary George Blazin Multimedia
Gary George
CEO Blazin Multimedia

“Susie is dynamic, motivating, and engaging… an infusion of energy, humor and hope.”

Jeff H.
President & Founder Cobalt Construction

“I was moved by the authenticity with which Susie spoke and how she moved the audience to take action and really communicating very effectively.”

Full Testimonial from Dan Miller

dan miller
Dan Miller
48 Days
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Most Requested Keynote Topics


I’ve delivered keynotes and led workshops at over 250 conferences and corporate events.
If you want to check my availability for your event or if you have questions, click above – Start the Conversation.

Susie Miller - Keynote - Resilience

Susie shares her story of overcoming tremendous obstacles like cancer, loss of a child, and business failure. Inspire your team to grow in the resilience necessary for success.

Susie Miller - Keynote - listen

Failed relationships are a sad and all-too-common legacy in our pursuit of success. Learn how to enjoy professional success and still thrive in the relationships that matter most.

Susie Miller - Keynote - courageous

Learning to navigate conflict is a defining characteristic of successful companies. Decrease workplace drama and improve morale, culture, productivity, and profits.