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She Speaks Truth


Did you know that


God Chooses you,


God is Captivated by you


and God Calls you Beloved & Beautiful!


yep… the King of Kings… says that about you!



Want to know what else He Says:


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She Speaks Truth: Saying What God Says About Me


a little booklet of 24 verses  in fun fonts to print out

and keep with you to fill your mind and heart with TRUTH!  

If  you are anything like me there are loads of messages in your head that cause you to doubt your value.



Your self confidence still needs a boost


You need to remember that you are imperfect not flawed


You don’t tend to speak kindness over yourself.


Or maybe, just maybe…


You are like every other girl on the face of the earth who needs to be reminded  that:


God loves you!

He  knows you, all about you – the pretty and the not so pretty things

He delights in you!

because you are His… a Daughter of the King of Kings!

What if:


You spoke God’s words of Truth over you


in moments of discouragement,






and in response to the mean girl who lives in our heads  and reminds us of our imperfections


the times we lost our temper


the muffin top we just can’ t lose


the time we were excluded from the girls night…


You know her.


Sometimes she is the loudest voice in my head!


What if we changed that!

What if the loudest voice was one that spoke truth..

God’s truth about me and you, His girls.


I know it will change everything!


Because when I do use this tool to shut my mean girl up!


When I Speak Truth, and say what God says about me –


I am more confident, I stand up a little taller, I am a bit kinder to myself and thus others

and I just plain feel better.


Doesn’t that sound awesome! 


I have a FREE Gift to help you begin to do that!

She Speaks Truth is a collection of words that God says about you:  Cards with scripture truths you can cut out and read aloud as you learn to speak what God says about you,  and  a printable word art graphic!

Just pop your name in below and it’s on the way!