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COVID 2020: Susie addresses issues arising from the pandemic that affect both personal & professional relationships.

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Susie Miller is a speaker, author, and executive coach committed to helping high performers thrive in the relationships that matter most. Successful people know the importance of developing skills that allow them to flourish in business, leadership, and life. Susie helps people uncover the deeper issues that keep relationships – both at work and at home—less than they are designed to be, and then develop the relationship, communication, and people skills to win at work and succeed at life.


Susie is the author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!, and has written for or been featured in large publications like Huff Post, Forbes, The Good Man Project, has been a guest on numerous radio shows and popular podcasts, like Growth Now Movement and The Brand You Podcast, as well as appeared on Comcast TV, Capitol Hill, and NPR. 


As an experienced communicator and consultant, Susie has worked with companies, organizations, and individuals to maximize their relationship capital at work, home, and play. Susie is a dynamic podcast guest, emcee, and interviewee, and will deliver value to your audience with humor and authenticity. Susie is also adept at connecting audiences via video  conferencing.  Connect with her at



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Sample Questions

COVID 2020: Communicating in Crisis

Relationships are taking a hit with the pandemic. Stress is off the charts, people have little to no emotional margin, and tension is rampant. Communication skills and other soft skills are essential to not only survive but thrive in the relationships that matter most. 


    1. What tips can you give for surviving all this together time without relationships exploding?
    2. How do you talk with your spouse or partner about things you disagree on when it comes to navigating this crisis?
    3. How do you maintain your sanity when your people are driving you crazy?
    4. How do you discuss how to juggle all the responsibilities when both of you are working and suddenly you are homeschooling?
    5. What tools can you provide to deal with all the tension and emotions that come with navigating a crisis?  

Ask Susie about: The Marriage & Business Tug of War

  1. “How do we create a lasting & meaningful marriage in the midst of chaos, stress, and the challenges
    juggling of life, work & family! “
  2. “What are some unique challenges of being the spouse of a busy entrepreneur or executive?”
  3.  “What is your PROFIT method for busy executives and entrepreneurs to protect and cultivate strong
    marriage and family relationships?”
  4. “What is one action step our listeners can do TODAY to see quick improvement in their relationships?

Ask Susie about: Improving Relationships & Listen, Learn, Love

  1. “Your book title makes a big promise: Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships
    in 30 Days or Less! Is it really possible to see changes that fast?”
  2.  “How do each of these three skills, Listen, Learn Them & Love Well, specifically improve relationships?”
  3. “Skill #2: Learn Them is unique, can you give me an example of Learn Them in action?
  4.  “What do you mean by the statement, “Relationships are the currency of today?”
  5. “What is one action step our listeners can do TODAY to see quick improvement in their relationships?

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