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Ready to say goodbye to stress and hello to peaceful and effective communication in your relationships? 


Grab my book: Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less and receive these Free Bonuses:

  1. Listen, Learn, Love Skills Infographic (printable)  

  2. 5 Love Languages Chart (Including what to avoid)


  3. Fast & Fun Conversation Starters for Couples


  4. 3 Crucial Conversation Tools


  5. 50 Simple, Fast, Fun Non Sexual Ways to Increase Intimacy


  6. Video: Behind the Scenes video of Susie & John dealing with conflict and miscommunication.


  7. Video:  One Surefire Secret to Better Professional Relationships FAST!


Finally get some simple answers to creating connected, fulfilling, healthy, relationships


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Listen, Learn, Love shows those who are feeling overwhelmed, bored, frustrated, stressed, or lonely with the people closest to them how to make changes for the better quickly- even if the other person isn’t willing or engaged.


Listen, Learn, Love is a user-friendly guide filled with practical suggestions and simple skills anyone can use to create better relationships. And who doesn’t have at least one relationship in their life they would like to be better? While wanting a good relationship is a great beginning, building great relationships takes a few skills. Listen, Learn, Love is packed with concise and actionable tips shared with clarity, humor and authenticity, and shows readers how to dramatically improve their relationships in 30 days or less.

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“We all start with desire, but building great relationships requires a few skills. Susie Miller shares concise and actionable tips with clarity, humor and authenticity. Susie provides tools to help me know exactly what I am supposed to say in any situation to navigate any conflict in any relationship with success. “


Lisa Canning, Author of The Possibility Mom 

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About the Author


Susie is passionate about helping people not settle for mediocre relationships! As a speaker, author, and executive coach, Susie brings clarity, communication tools, and concrete strategies to create better personal and professional relationships. You connect with Susie, and access free downloadable resources at