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Helping High Performers
Thrive in the Relationships
that Matter Most.

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, navigate difficult conversations at
work, or connect on a deeper level with friends and family, I’ll help you learn simple, practical, proven
techniques for improving any relationship in your life.

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“Susie provides the skills to help people recover from the current turmoil in their relationships when they face crisis and equip folks to effectively deal with challenges of communication. Susie offers clarity in areas of needed growth, and will teach you how to engage more effectively in your relationships, across all spheres of influence.”


Eric Peoples, Co-Founder of The Mastermind Experience 

If we’re honest, everyone seems to be struggling with their personal and professional relationships in the midst of the pandemic, racial unrest, and division in our country.  I’m right there with you.


Communication is KEY to helping improve your relationships.  To help you, I have created a FREE challenge for give you skills for better communication.                               

The 10 Day

Communication Challenge.

I’m Susie Miller.


What if making a few small tweaks in your day-to-day interactions could immediately improve every relationship in your life? As a self-admitted “go-getter” I understand the tension that’s present in so many of us: How can we be so successful at work yet feel so inadequate in our personal lives?


There is a better way — and as a speaker, coach, and author, I help high performers like you thrive in the relationships that matter most.


When I’m not traveling to keynote at conferences, my time is spent coaching select clients, writing books, and traveling the country with my husband of 37 years, John. To find out how I can help, click below. It is possible to experience the joy, fulfillment, and passion at work and in life!


What Awaits You Inside “Listen, Learn, Love”?


You don’t have to spend another day feeling alone, desperate, or stuck in your relationships. Listen, Learn Love will equip you with practical steps based on years of professional counseling and coaching to help you improve your relationships in 30 days or less.


When you learn how to apply the simple concepts of listening, learning, and loving to your attitude, words, and actions, you’ll enjoy better communication, and see a significant improvement in how you engage with your spouse, significant other, kids, family, friends, and even clients and co-workers.