gods masterpiece Eph2-10What do you say when you talk to yourself. Are they words of life: encouragement, belief, “yay me,” “I am God’s Masterpiece”

or death: words that criticize, condemn, shame -beat yourself up with a bat- kind of  words- that make you feel yuck?

I have battled with this for years.  For a long time I lost and self condemning was my middle name.  Older, wiser, with more  of God’s Grace seeping into my mind and heart, I win this battle often.

Recently, I wrote a post about wanting a black belt in grace to replace my black belt in beating myself up! Today a number of pictures and posts came across Facebook that spurred me to write this post.

We talk about the impact of good relationships on our lives and business.  But what about the impact and influence of our relationship with ourselves? We are often kind, forgiving and gracious with others, but brutal when it comes to our own self talk and beliefs.

Far too often we criticize ourselves, pick apart our efforts, undermine our abilities because we are either comparing them to someone else or we have taken tapes from our childhood and turned them into hit records!  Three words: Stop the madness!

Until we (me included) start being kind and gentle with ourselves, we will hesitate to shine and offer our light, gifts, words or art to bless others…let alone celebrate each other’s beauty and success!

I’m tired of the cycle of not good enough, aren’t you? What if we start riding the carousel of good enough, a valiant effort, an offering that doesn’t have to be perfect…

What if we just BE..?






and celebrated!

You are God’s Masterpiece!!

He said so!! Who are you to disagree in the words you speak over yourself (oh don’t worry, this all goes for me too- I’ll be the pot, if you’ll admit to being the kettle 😉

Maybe today we can begin to record a new song in our head and hearts.

Let’s start to say:

I am God’s Masterpiece…

Even when I feel more like a mess of broken pieces, am having a fat and ugly day, have spoken without thinking…again, hurt my friend, snapped at my kids or spouse, blown off my alone time with God, believed the lies of my youth…

but – no matter what I am feeling-

God says I am His Masterpiece!

and even though I don’t feel like it is true.

I will say “I am God’s Masterpiece”

quietly to myself –

over and over and over again-

so maybe… just maybe… I will begin to believe it.

or at the very least, it might help me be more gentle with myself

just for today.


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