AwesomeEveryone want to be Awesome!?  Well, you already are AWESOME- just being YOU! But what if we took your Awesome and my Awesome and her Awesome and his Awesome and their Awesome and piled all together with INTENTION!? WOW!   Imagine how we could change the world!  I just joined Awesomization Nation to do just that!  Wanna come? Let’s do AWESOME together!!

I invited Nicole Dean to share her inspiration for starting the Awesomization Nation and have our chat below for you to see just why you NEED to be part of Awesomization Nation!


What inspired this – an event, story, experience?

Nicole: Hi Susie. To be perfectly honest this seemed destined to happen for a few reasons.

1.  I, myself, battle depression and anxiety and I was feeling puny in January until I decided to start a re-awesomization campaign and kick my own butt.  I noticed very quickly that DOING Awesome made me FEEL Awesome – more so than anything else that I’d tried.

2. I have a friend name James Dering of who taught me how he lost 70 lbs, become a better husband and father, all by doing simple things every day. He pictured what an awesome version of himself would look like and he named him “Awesome James”. Then every minute of every day, when faced with a decision, he asked himself “What Would Awesome James Do?” And he chose to do that. He said that it made everything easier once he did that, AND he quickly realized that he was becoming closer to Awesome James every day that he did that. Simple concept, but so powerful.

3. I was schedunicole-deal-keynoteled to give a Keynote at NAMS in March 2015 and I the topic was “I Freaking Double-Dog Dare you to Be Awesome” and so the idea for the Awesomization Nation just happened. I wanted to create a movement and the amazing thing is that it’s already taking on a life of it’s own and we haven’t even officially STARTED yet. People are hungry for an invitation to be better versions of themselves, me included. I’m just shocked at how it’s taking off – and thrilled and excited, too!

Susie: Yes, a Better version of themselves!  I all about Better... one step , a little movement in the right direction produces momentum and change!  We don’t have to strive for perfect.. we need to make steps toward better.  I love this concept of asking ourselves, What Would Awesome You (Susie)  Do?!  But getting really personal by using our name!  Great reminder to share our AWESOMENESS!

Why everyone should participate- not just for the world changing but for themselves??

NAMS-NicoleDean-Keynote-2015-03-I-Dare-You-to-Be-Awesome2-1024x576Nicole: I feel that, as entrepreneurs, we really are split in a lot of different directions.

Do we focus our time on our businesses? Yes, of course, we have to pay the bills.

The things that get put aside, however are our own health and sometimes our families. And, of course, when it comes to making the world a better place, well that will happen later… when we have the time and money to do so.

I believe that, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t possibly run our businesses effectively. And, I have watched too many marriages fall apart while one person is going after his or her “dream” and the other is feeling neglected. There is a balance. We can’t do it all. But we sure can do tiny things to make sure that our lives are moving in the direction that we want them to, instead of just floating by like a leaf on the wind. We have to wake up in the morning and decide what we want and go get it. The days are long but the years are short and regret is a pain that I don’t wish on my worst enemy. So grab AWESOME every day.

Susie: This really resonates with me as I help people create better relationships and they often suffer first.  I work with so many couples who are struggling to build strong marriages and a profitable business at the same time.  I love how you have made one of the areas of focus Personal Awesomeness so we can invest in our relationships with ourselves, God and others!!  That will be life changing!

And it seems everyone could benefit – not just entrepreneurs- since everyone does some sort of work – job, kids, caregivers-  that can threaten to overtake our lives or keep us running in a million directions. 

awe-010-1024x594Nicole: ABSOLUTELY!  The more Awesome people the better.  To have 100,000 Awesome Actions, my goal is to have 1111 people, Intentionally do 3 Awesome Acts per day for 30 Days!



And what are the objections/barriers you anticipate people will have to joining in and how would you tell them to overcome them?

Nicole: I’ve heard some interesting objections so far that have made me wonder.

1. I already do awesome stuff.
That’s great. Do more! I do awesome, too, and I know that the people in the group are doing lots of awesome stuff, too. We’re challenging ourselves to be more aware and to be in a group of people who will inspire each other to be every more awesome.

2. I’m too busy.
I understand that, too. But isn’t that all the more reason to be around positive people who want the best out of life? If you can’t think of doing 3 extra things a day, maybe it’ll help you to appreciate the things you’re ALREADY doing that are awesome.

In your wildest dreams what is the impact of WWYAD?

I’m a little hesitant to answer this question because we haven’t even started yet and it’s already beyond my wildest dreams.

People are doing things they’ve put off for years. Connections are being made for interviews and world betterment. And, the members of the Awesomization Nation are encouraging each other in ways that I did not expect. The effect is a tidal wave – and I know this movement will be talked about for years to come.

Susie:  I agree with you Nicole!  I have already been  stretched by this challenge.  One area is in being intentional about 3 Awesome things each day and recognizing my self for doing them. talk about positive energy that will grow into more Awesomeness!!  And I have been blessed by the other Awesome folks using their Awesome gifts, talents and resources to help me in my own Awesomeness!  What fun we are having already!

Friends,  THIS is something you want to be a part of…

Join us  in AWESOMIZATION NATION  Ask youself What Would My AWESOME Do? And Let’s be AWESOME together!


2 Responses to “What Would YOUR Awesome Do?”

  1. Avery

    Great interview, Susie! I’m part of the Awesomization challenge, too. One thing I really like about it is that it’s forcing me to stop and think about my day. Instead of allowing the day to run me, I’m running the day. It’s an empowering feeling. 🙂 What have you noticed that’s different about your life since you started the challenge?

    • Susie Miller

      Thanks for your comment! I totally agree. Pausing and being intentional about what I want the day to look like has given me a greater sense of accomplishment at the day’s end! Empowering is a GREAT word! you are right! I think another shift for me is having to write “Awesome Susie” did x,y,z everyday. Not something I often use a s a prefix to my name! How about you? are you liking the Awesome Avery part of your posts? What is your Awesome for today?


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