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Confessions of a World Cup Junkie!

in a few days the World Cup will end… and life will have to go back to some sort of regular and productive schedule… bummer

no more arranging my day around 9, 12 and 3 , then 10, and 3 and more recently 11 and 3 when my family would pile on the basement sofa and watch  the world cup games live and in color on our huge 100 inch movie screen!!!

it has been wonderful… time stood still…

and we wagered and watched, reveled in a long time love affair with the beautiful game… so misunderstood and maligned by Americans… slowly growing in popularity around here, but a mainstay in our family for the past 12 years!

when the US did poorly we analyzed and offered our commentary… we have cheered on opposing teams, eating breakfast and lunch on the sofa, together…

raced in from work, just in time to make the games!  and hunkered down together!

key word… TOGETHER!!!

another key word for my son and husband “100 inch screen” and i must admit it has been amazing!  it is like being at a live game!

so if you are in the neighborhood, come by and watch France beat Portugal!!! (at least that is my hope… but Germany did lose today, much to  my chagrin!!!)

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