Relationship Coaching is THE Secret Weapon of Successful People!

Successful people know the value of good relationships and the incredible impact relationships have on every area of life.  Relationships are the currency of today, so developing good ones can radically improve your personal and professional success!!

Relationship Coaching is all about helping you Create and Enjoy better Relationships with God, yourself, and others!

Honestly, we all have at least one relationship we wish was better! See if any of these resonate with you:

Maybe you want a better relationship with:

  • Yourself, for increased confidence, creativity, and success in all areas of life
  • Your Spouse, because your marriage isn't even "mostly happily ever after!" (You feel disconnected and disillusioned.)
  • Your EntreSpouse- because they are married to the business and you are tired of sharing! OR your spouse is frustrated with you, the EntreSpouse, because your business seems to take up all your time an energy!!

If any of these resonate with you, then Personal Coaching can help you get from where you are to where you want to be!  You can see dramatic improvements in 30 days or less!  I have helped hundreds of personal clients achieve this as well as experienced success in my own personal relationships!

If you are:

  • Highly motivated and want to enjoy greater success through better relationships.
  • Tired of haggling and hassling with your spouse and wonder what happened and how to fix it.
  • Know you were created for more, but are held back by insecurities, doubts, or lack of confidence.
  • Want to take your relationships to the next level, wondering "Is all there is?"
  • Wrestling with discontent because deep down you want a deeper connection with your spouse.
  • In a leadership role, but struggling in your personal relationships.
  • Called to be a leader but are struggling to see yourself accurately, and embrace your giftedness.
  • Worn out and discourage from trying hard and not getting anywhere.
  • Want to grow deeper in your faith, improve your self concept, and enjoy a strong identity as child of God.


Relationship Coaching with me can make a HUGE difference in your life and catapult your personal and professional success, as well as make life more enjoyable!


chair coffee-I count it a huge privilege and joy to help folks create better relationships!  Relationships are the "stuff of life" and they can be rich and meaningful!!

If you are eager to grow deeper in your connection with God, your self, and others, I am here to help!

I am eager to equip and empower you, drawing on all  I've learned, as a Marriage & Relationship Therapist turned The better Relationship Coach, a wife -married to an entrepreneur for 32 years, with 3 grown children, and as an EntreSpouse* myself! (*married with business).


Here are seven ways for us to connect and for me to help you enjoy better relationships!

They are arranged in order of those that require the least investment to those that require the most.

1. Search my site:

I have loads of FREE resources here in blog posts, weekly podcasts, and videos all about creating better relationships. Chances are, I have addressed your question or concern. You can use the Search box in the upper right hand corner of   this page.

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and stay a while.  It will be a bit like sitting with me, sharing and learning together.    If you have other questions or topics, you want me to address, then simply go to the ASK SUSIE page and ask away!! I will address them in a future post, podcast, or video.

2. Subscribe to my updates.

Currently, I write twice a week,  PLUS offer a short Marriage Tip Monday, a new Better Relationship TV on Tuesdays, along with The Better Relationship Podcast on Fridays.   We'll cover "all things relationship" with yourself, others, and God - with a specific focus on juggling Marriage and Business.  You can get these delivered directly to your inbox  and not miss a tip! This gives you daily ideas to implement in your relationships and see quick improvements!

If you would prefer a weekly update, simply go here. 

3.  Get one of my products.

You can find them in my Store.  They are chock full of my best thinking, advice, and experience from counseling and coaching folks for over 20 years - as well as being a veteran wife of an Entrepreneur for 32 years, and an EntreSpouse myself for the last 15! (Read:  I get it! I have made mistakes, enjoyed successes, and/or walked through them with my clients.)

So, if you want to create better relationships with God, yourself, and see dramatic improvements in 30 days or less, pop over to my store and get the resources to help you!

AND, you can claim your copy of my book:  Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve your Relationships in 30 Days or Less! and which includes Free Membership in our private online Listen, Learn, Love Community, where we dig deeper into the book and share stories and successes!

 4. Come to an Event.

Events are dedicated to equipping you with the "How to" create and enjoy better relationships with yourself, others, and God.  They are an up close,  personal, and engaging time together, as we dig deeper to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

EntreSpouses: How to Have a Strong Marriage while Building a Successful Business

Mystery of Marriage VIP Day: Embracing the Messy, Enjoying the Marvelous in Your Marriage!

5. Book me as a Speaker:

I have been speaking publicly for over 20 years.  I've keynoted several events, including conferences and church events, spoken at business conferences, women & couples events, as well as emceed regional and national conferences.

In fact, speaking is one of my favorite things to do! I love Engaging, Entertaining, and Equipping your audience to Create and Enjoy better relationships fast, so they are more successful at work, and in their personal lives.   I speak on a variety of topics regarding creating better relationships with ourselves, God, and others, which you can find on my Speaking Page.

6. Join one of my Coaching Programs:

Currently there are no openings in my Coaching Groups.  Please email your name and the program you are interested in to my assistant, Kate:  She will add you to the waiting list and you will be the first to hear of new openings, or programs.

entrespouse coaching

EntreSpouse Bootcamp:  Don't Bankrupt Your Marriage in Pursuit of Business Success and Profits

marvelous marriage

Marvelous Marriage:  Digging Deeper into the Mystery and Mess of Marriage to Create & Enjoy a Marvelous One

gods girl -1God's Girl: Discovering and Embracing Your Identity as a Daughter of the King!

coaching patched7. Hire me as Your  Personal or Couples Coach:

I love coaching couples and individuals to create better personal relationships, so they can enjoy greater success in business and in life!  However, my time is limited, and thus I am selective and only accept a small number of personal clients.  My fees are relatively high, due to the demand for individualized work, and the exceptional ROI my clients enjoy both personally and professionally.  Better relationships impact Every Area of Life! Successful people know this and are constantly seeking to improve themselves and their relationships!

If you are ready to work and see results, and believe you can benefit from working with me, please go to my Coaching page to the available Personal & Couples Coaching packages, and complete an application. (Additional information is also available there.)


Thanks for your interest, and remember... there is always hope!  You can improve your relationships, even if you are the only one making an effort.

To better relationships,





More information on my personal coaching and group coaching opportunities is available on my Coaching Page.