Are you a “wordie”?

Did you have a word for 2015?

How did it impact your actions, choices, and relationships? My 2015 word was BRAVE and it reminded me to choose to Be Brave in my thoughts, actions and of course, my relationships!

BRAVE in relationships meant having a hard conversation with my daughter- one I would have rather avoided.  She made a comment that deeply hurt my feelings.

I was stunned and silent.  At first, I mentally beat myself up a bit wondering if she was right.  Then, I my thoughts turned toward being angry at her.

After some more mental gymnastics,  I wanted to brush it under the table, to excuse her words as coming from being in a bad mood, or having a tough day.

I wanted to scramble and fix it.

None of those thoughts or actions were BRAVE.

So, after a few days of internal wrestling, I decided to have a conversation with her and share how her words hurt me.

I was nervous.  I had no idea how the conversation would go. I was less than eloquent and wanted to punt a number of times.

Be BRAVE my heart whispered.  It is worth going through hard to get to good.

This word of 2015 impacted and guided me many times when I would have taken the chicken way out.  (Disguised of course as cleverness, being realistic, or “knowing better!)  I am grateful BRAVE as a word choice compelled me to actually BE BRAVE!

It made an incredible difference in my year.

So are you a “wordie?”

Do you have a story to share about how your word impacted you?

And what is your word for 2016?


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