walk by faith not by sightWinter…its cold, stark, dormant. It feels like nothing happens in winter, so what is the point?

In the east we are bombarded with snow, bone chilling wind and cancellations.  Life is hectic with snow days, snow clothes, snowmageddon, and at the same time laden with waiting.

Waiting: for Spring, for school to actually happen, for our fingers to thaw, for something…anything to fend off the deadness of winter.  Sitting here, bundled up and grateful that the layers cover the extra body padding or fluffyness that winter and the accompanying comfort food brings, I realized what I see or don’t see isn’t all that is real.

“We walk by faith and not by sight.”  What if winter is about walking by faith.  Not the easiest way to walk, but according to God the better way.  Faith is trusting what we know,in our hearts and heads, to be true regardless of what our eyes see or hearts feel.

Maybe that is our pilgrimage.  Staying on the path, walking by faith -trusting that God is on the move for our best, no matter what we may see and feel.

This isn’t easy, it certainly isn’t fun. Blindfolded games are not my favorite, they bring out all my insecurities as I stumble toward the goal.  But God doesn’t ask for blind faith, He wants my gaze so settled on Him, that my faith brings security and rest, in the midst of sorrow, struggle, deadness, boredom, fears, overwhelm…

One thing I have learned is that Winter is a actually a busy season.  Behind the scenes, buried in the earth, deep withing the sap of trees, something’s happening… we don’t see it, but all that is unseen is essential to the Springtime explosion of color, smells and newness!

With anticipation we wait, dream, and talk about Spring, while wrapped in a comforter, our hands are folded around a steaming cup of tea… why?

Faith! We believe it is coming.

We can’t see it, not till the buds appear – hinting at what is to come.  At times, I don’t see the buds, until the evidence of their existence blooms!

My faith is small, and lives more by sight – more by me and what I can see, fathom, control- than resting in God.  When I take off my glasses a fuzziness comes over the world… harsh lines blurred, colors muted, and I “see” by what I know to be true, rather an actual visual clarity.

Last night sleep evaded me, as I wandered downstairs in the dark, my hand clutched the railing, I counted the steps so I didn’t fall… what I know vs what I could see led me to my favorite chair and the book resting there.

Maybe that is why winter is so important.  To remind me that my sight isn’t reliable. Faith isn’t easy, comfortable or safe. But it is founded on Truth, on what I know -God is working, moving, growing me behind the scenes, deep within for a later reveal.

Faith means I choose to trust Him and anticipate the blooming… I embrace winter with a quietness and rest knowing He is trustworthy even in the dark.

She Reads Truth -Lent 2015-day 3 talks about Springtime and Winter in our life and hearts.


How do you see winter?  Are you aware of God working in ways you don’t see?  What does walking by faith and not by sight look like for  you? 

2 Responses to “Winter”

  1. Linda

    What is winter? A time of whiteness–all colors, not the absence of color. A time to seek the quiet, to reflect, to engage at a different level and to anticipate. We know the cold will soften into gentle spring breezes and that nature is busy at work getting ready to sprout, bloom, awaken. A quiet time, for sure; but not necessarily restful. A lot depends on the regenerative time of winter, in all of nature, including within us.
    Winter gives us a chance to abide and many opportunities to endure. We live and breath the promise of renewal; walking in faith, not by sight. It’s how we get through the long nights of illnesses , hospital vigilances, grief, sadness, joyous excitement, worry, fretting and all that everyday life brings. And, if we are intentional and thoughtful, it is when we look at what separates us from God (sin). We rejoice in the realization that winter will turn to spring with or without us because God is in charge. For that we are truly grateful.

    • Susie Miller

      words, reflections, insights…
      “winter gives us a chance to abide, and many opportunities to endure.” I love the utter truth in those poetic words.
      thank you.


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