team-pixabayMost people are resistant to change when they view the impending change as a threat to them. This makes perfect sense because we are wired to choose flight or fight when we feel threatened.  However, this instinct to resist change can thwart both personal and business growth and development.  How we navigate the choppy waters of change determines whether we succeed or sink.

5 ways to prepare for the inevitable resistance to a new plan, idea, strategy, or change of any kind

1.Know the sticking points.

Never walk into a presentation without considering which issues will come up. Try to anticipate others’ concerns and reactions, and draw up a game plan to handle them. This level of preparation equips you to address the concerns in your presentation so you can overcome objections before they are raised.

2. Focus on the issues.

Don’t take objections personally. Stick to the issues and your goals. Don’t let the comments, dissension or questions ruffle your feathers or cause you to react emotionally,

3. Gain understanding.

Listen carefully to get to the bottom of objections and differences of opinion so you can move toward resolving the issues.

4. Choose your battles.

Remember that not all issues carry the same weight or importance. Put your energies into the battles or issues that count and are essential to the implementation or outcome of your proposed change.  Let the other issues go.  Allow folks to feel like the change is a win win for them as well.

5. Be willing to adjust and tweak your plan

Welcome comments, ideas, feedback and suggestions from colleagues, team mates, or others that could either improve your plan, add to it in a positive manner, or even allow others to participate in planning the impending change. This encourages a team mindset and all hands on deck when the change encounters difficulties or speed bumps.

Change can be a good thing.  Change and growth bring new life, ideas, direction,  revenue, and/or resources to your business, life  and relationships.  You don’t need to fear or avoid presenting new ideas and implementing change when you follow these 5 ways and effectively prepare to win people over to embrace change.

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