hide Gods word- ps 119-11I like memorizing.  I know it makes me a bit of a geek, but I liked memorization in school, because I was good at it.

You know that game we all played at wedding or baby showers, where you look at a tray of wedding items – garter, penny for show, invitations -or baby paraphernalia- rattle, bottle, pacifier, diaper -and then try to write down as many things you can remember in 60 second?  I am really good at that game.

Memorize and take a test – got it!

But once the test is over,  I would forget as facts and figures flew from my brain, no longer needed to get an A.

Long term learning is another story.

I remember watching my sister as she helped one of our kids with geometry homework.  How on earth does she remember that stuff?

And then it hit me… she didn’t just memorize the formulas, theorems, or facts for a test; she actually learned the concepts and thus still had access to them 20 years later.

Hiding Truth in our hearts and minds- learning the words, understanding the concepts- committing God’s word to memory is one of the most helpful tools for growing deep roots of faith.

There is no test that yields a quick A, then rapidly forgetting. Instead, memorizing Scripture is a commitment to learning through repetition so that the Truth remains – buried deep within, remembered, and accessible when trials and tests arrive later on.

Memorizing Scripture is a discipline worth developing. Being able to call God’s truth to mind to battle lies, doubts, fears and struggles has kept me sane during difficulties when my own thoughts fly in every direction.  Rather than a whirlwind of disastrous or defeating thoughts, I can find stability in God’s truth.

Sometimes, these words are my only tether to hope.

She Reads Truth Day 26/Weekly Truth, quotes 1John 1:9:  “If we confess our sins to God, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

This is one of the first verses I learned/memorized early in my walk of faith and it has helped me in times of self-condemnation, shame, as well as times of repentance. These words remind me of the forgiveness and freedom I have in Christ.

In a world of quick access via Google, I have gotten away from memorizing Scripture. Today, I am reminded of the blessing it is to have God’s word hidden in my heart and renew my commitment to memorize and learn God’s word so I can have quick access via Susie- no wifi required.

What verses have you hidden in your heart to help bring Truth and sure footing in times of trial or confidence in sharing God’s word with others.

If you have no idea where to start, one of my favorite resources is the Topical Memory System from the Navigators. I used this years ago when I first began to memorize Scripture and return to it often for a refresher.  Let me know if you decide to use it and I will cheer you on!




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  1. Linda

    I will confess that it is only in recent years I have felt the need to ‘know’ the Bible. Quite honestly, I looked outside the Bible for inspirational quotes and looked to the interpretaion or reflections of others. Maybe I didn’t trust my own readings, maybe the Bible was so big and seemed so hard to read that I didn’t feel I had the time or talent to devote to it. Or, maybe I looked at the Bible as just another book, not really God’s word. Maybe I was just being willful. Most likely, my hesitation to study the Bible or memorize verses was the result of all of these things.
    Regardless of the whys for not studying the Bible before, I find myself, more often than not, going to the Bible for understanding, validation, confirmation, comfort and for the sheer music of the words. I work harder to remember the verses that speak to me. I want to be able to call them to mind at will, when needed. I want my responses framed in Grace.
    Where I always go is to the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and the benediction I remember from my youth (Numbers 6:24-26). And, I go to the Hymns. I like much of contemporary Christian music, but some of it is too much like a clanging bell, without nuance or gracefulness. (Purely subjective, I know!)
    I ordered the Topical Memory System from the Navigators. Will let you know how it works for me.

    • Susie Miller

      I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the TMS. It was one of the best things I ever did as a new believer. I love the verse Hebrews 4:12 which says the Word of God is living and active. This reminds me that I will find wisdom and help relevant to the situations I face, regardless of the season. I have found this to be so true and comforting as I grow in my faith.
      Often the verses I read years ago return with new or deeper meaning to guide me on this leg of my journey.
      And the hymns… such beauty and theology there. Yes, I too love hymns.


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