focus on crazy or loveYou know how when you fell in love almost nothing about your spouse bugged you?

He (she) was wonderful  and even their most annoying habits were kinda cute!

Well fast forward into years of marriage and those habits and quirks aren’t so cute anymore… and you have even noticed a few more!

Fill in the blanks:  “I hate the way he/she_____, or when we are _____ and (s)he begins to____ .”  With the kids, it really bugs me when my spouse doesn’t_____.”  And don’t even get me started about ______!

Whether it is  chewing with his mouth open, leaving socks on the floor,  taking jokes a bit too far, not sticking up for you with your kids, forgetting things you asked him to do, or not helping with chores… whatever it is… it drives you crazy!!

Or for the guys reading:  when she gets overemotional about the littlest things, overreacts to your socks on the floor, leaves her make-up stuff all over the counter, volunteers you without asking…

And wouldn’t you agree that the more you think about it, the bigger it gets!  (just typing those sentences and thinking about my answers got me riled up!  )

But we have a choice …we can shift our focus and think about other things:

Take a deep breath and picture the day  he asked you to marry him… or this face when you walked down the aisle, his words to your sweet baby, the time he supported you, comforted you, or the other night when he….

and for my male readers:  that time she didn’t blow up when you forget your anniversary, kept dinner warm, when you were late… again, gave birth to your sweet baby,  or the way  her face lights up when you walk into the room….

Ahhh,  much better.

Now, fill in these blanks.

“I love when (s)he _______ or ______!  And he does help/understand when _______!  One of my favorite things we do together is____.  Oh, and remember when we___________, I felt so special and loved!”

We can choose what we focus on and rehearse in our minds.

We can choose to focus on the things we love about our spouse and live in that mood and mindset.

We can choose to grow closer to our spouse by dwelling on the best parts of him, the things make us smile, the way he____!

Try it… I dare you!  I guarantee you will see a positive impact on your day, evening and relationship!

and if you are really brave… talk about this post with your spouse!

And then let me know how it goes!

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