waiting-Lamentations 3-25When you grow weary…Trust God even when His answer is Wait.

I wrestle with this often – waiting is not one of my spiritual gifts. Walking with God requires waiting and trusting on a daily basis -a life of faith.   But for 10 years I was in an epic battle of waiting.

Waiting on God, Praying… begging, demanding…and then waiting some more for God to change my life altering circumstances…or change my heart and dreams.

He did move in the midst of the struggle and waiting – just not like I expected…He pruned me, comforted me, sustained me…and I grew.

We had a tug of war some days, crying fits others, throw my hands up in the air, I give up kind of prayers and down on my knees please show me how to live well in the midst of this never ending season of struggle prayers.

…and I grew some more.

Sometimes stubbornly, with sadness, or frustration…but grew none the less!

Prayers of surrender as the King of Kings reminded me that being His Princess daughter was enough. As I remembered my prayers to grow and  become more like Christ and realized God was answering “those” prayers…just not the way I wanted. (Didn’t He get the memo).

But  prayers for restored health to pursue the ministry and dreams God gave me…prayers for energy and discipline to do what little I could. Prayers asking God to take my dreams away because my heart ached to carry them any longer…

Prayers of anger and fear, mixed in with the “Jesus help me” cries as I awoke to face another day…were answered with “Wait.”  “Seek Me, surrendered and resting in My Love, my precious daughter.”

…and I continued to grow.

I call these #thehannahyears.

  • Joseph waited 13 years
  • Abraham waited 25
  • Moses waited 40
  • Jesus waited 30

If God has you waiting… you are in good company.

Do you have #thehannahyears stories?

Are you in the midst of #thehannahyears?

When you grow weary…Trust God even when His answer is Wait.

Even when God seems absent, silent or otherwise occupied… He is aware of you, loving you, working behind the scenes on your behalf, and growing you.

Trust Him, cling to Truth, pour our your heart to the Lover of your soul.. and wait.

Lamentations 3:25 “ The Lord is good to those who wait for him to the soul who seeks Him.”

What does it look like to be faithful in prayer, in holding onto the dreams God put in your heart when the waiting feels interminable,  agonizing and downright foolish at times?

Comment, share, and let’s walk #thehannahyears together.

This post was inspired by this graphic from IBloom

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