what if gameWhat if… ? We ask ourselves this question in a myriad of ways, but usually when we are anticipating things going wrong, disappointment, or failure.

  • “What if my client says no and I miss my sales goal?”
  • “What if I’m not good enough?”

  • What if no one likes or buys my book?” (I’m battling this what if right now.)
  • “What if my husband is mad?”
  • “What if my kids are disobedient and rebellious?”
  • “What if God doesn’t forgive me?”

BUT… What if you turned it around and did the positive “What ifs” in response to every fear based or negative one?

  • “What if my client says yes! And I surpass my sales goal?
  • What if loads of folks LOVE and Buy my book, and it becomes a best seller?”
  • “What if my husband is understanding and not angry?”
  • “What if my kids are obedient and have teachable hearts and attitudes?”
  • “What if I’m am good enough, because I have trained and prepared, and no matter what, God created me as enough?”
  • “What if I believed and basked in the truth that God forgives me?”

I committed to play both sides of the “What if…” game.  The runaway thoughts train of terrible outcomes, potential failures or obstacles were challenged by a new voice in my head.  Whenever I started down the negative “What if?” road I had to also state the “What If?” positive counterpart!  This simple act has made a HUGE difference in my thoughts, attitudes, and willingness to be brave, present and engaged in my life, work and relationships. Articulating the positive, hopeful and possibility driven outcomes, is how I began to win the “What if?” game!

Stating them out loud stops the negative and defeating “What ifs” from snowballing downhill and taking over my mindset, and gives me a new perspective and a sliver of hope.  Each time I say or think the positive “What ifs?” the negative ones begin to fade as positive possibility grows.

I dare you to try it.  Make a commitment to play BOTH sides, no matter what you are feeling or thinking in the moment.  Do this Every time!  and see how it shifts and changes you.  Then share what happens with me!

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