rel are the stuff of lifeWhat do you do with uncomfortable feelings?  The ones that rumble in your heart but never escape your lips in honest expression…  Instead they come out in the terse word, the silent stare, the frustrated response to an unrelated question.

Most of us don’t like difficult and uncomfortable conversations or relationships.  Sometimes, even I run, hide, or literally climb every mountain to avoid dealing with my feelings! Are you surprised??  An outspoken coach avoiding talking about something!?

Oh sure, we can talk about your feelings, disappointments, frustrations, hurts… I will listen, empathize, adjust and even do the pretzel to  ensure another persons happiness one meet their needs… BUT when it does to sharing my hurts, disappointments or uncomfortable feelings, suddenly I scramble, excuse or explain away my feelings rather than face them head on and adress them with the friend or loved ones involved.

And this isn’t because I am altruistic or a saint! Nope!  It’s because I am chicken! I am hesitant to deal with the reality of what might happen if I share my hurts, frustrations or disappointments with my friends.  What if they say, so what, or well you…

What if they don’t respond with a caring heart.  Ouch!  What if the tables get turned and I am cornered? Do you ever feel this way?  I a, wrestling with their and wondered how you hadle these moments?

How how do you deal with disappointment, hurts and misunderstandings in your ?  What has worked well?  What responses have created understanding? What responses made it worse?

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