lent -20“But this I call to mind,” says the author of Lamentations right in the middle of a serious struggle.  Acutely aware of  the sorrow, pain, and destruction – actually named out loud- his final words are, “but this I call to mind.”

I read these words and imagine the writer sinking into despair as one by one he names and reflects on the magnitude of loss, sadness,  heart wrenching struggles. There is no denial, pretending things are okay.  And into the midst of these seemingly insurmountable odds, He says… “but this I call to mind.”

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, Great is Your faithfulness.”

Honestly, this is not my first, second or even third response to struggle.  I usually live in denial or scramble to fix things and then sink pretty far before I remember to call to mind and speak God’s truth and faithfulness into my mess, pain, sorrow, struggle.

My thoughts fly in every direction, I have a mental what if I do this .. or that.. list, and I hit the ground running trying to fix, solve or prevent… I, I, I – me, me, me…

I forget (or refuse) to call to mind: God’s faithfulness, God’s mercy, God’s steadfast love… God, God, God…

hmmm… which is the better option!?  (a no brainer, right?!)

Oh my head… how can I be so foolish, stubborn, independent and _____ – you fill in the blank with whatever keeps you from calling to mind the most important thought:  “Great is Thy Faithfulness, O Lord!”

I am pausing here to consider what false beliefs and stories fuel the poor choice I make, and wondering what I need to let go of to really believe and lean into the truth that not only is God’s love steadfast, His faithfulness is great, but His mercies are new –  every single day!  (kind of like God is saying, ” I got this!”)

What keeps you from remembering this, from calling this to mind?  What sends you into a tail spin of I’ve gotta figure it out?  What would change is you began to say, “But this I call to mind… Great is God’s faithfulness, and God’s love is steadfast, and ______? (fill in with your favorite verses of truth)

Just a few thoughts after todays reading of She Reads Truth – day 20




2 Responses to “What are you thinking?”

  1. Jen

    Tail spin… Well there are lots of things that send me in a tailspin, comments that leave me feeling like I am not enough for my kids, that what I have to offer visiting family or guests is not up to par, feeling disappointed in my progress over the years.. Those are probably the heavy hitters. I regret doing it, all the meaningless thoughts and actions over what someone else might. I am just all wrapped up in it till I can’t see straight better loan think to reach out to him. But point taken.. I should I remember that God meets me right where I am. And I sm enough for him. An audience of one… May I kerp those thoughts with me.

    • Susie Miller

      yes and amen! and me too!! Sometimes it is a moment by moment battle to remember truth and speak them to my mind and heart. Sticky notes help me remember so I have them everywhere! Seeing them can slow down a tail spin for me.
      We are so hard on ourselves and it takes so much energy from just living and being… I think that is what makes me the most sad.
      Freedom and confidence means I have energy to give others, and that is how I want to live. Try the sticky notes and let me know if they help you too!


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