Grace_Upon_GraceWhen we are struggling, defeated, filled with regret:  What about Grace?  When we have spoken harshly or without thinking, judged another, or ourselves: What about Grace? When we are wondering if we will ever overcome the battles of  avoidance and addiction to relief: What about Grace?  When we have been disappointed,  hurt or betrayed:  What about Grace?

What about it?

Grace is alluring, inviting, and generous; waiting for us to dive in and be immersed in the rest and hope it brings.

Grace is unmerited favor, kindness from God, unearned yet freely given – if we will only receive it.

One way the concept and word Grace is expressed in Hebrew is hesed:  a covenantal love and favor from God as His face is turned toward us in utter devotion.

Imagine that:  “utter devotion” that nothing can change, diminish, alter.  I not only wrestling with feeling undeserving of that devotion, I certainly don’t offer it.

However, neither one of those is a condition for my receiving God’s Grace.  It is an “is.”   A done deal, period end of sentence, ours for the taking, receiving and reveling in!

That changes things a bit in my scrambling to be worthy of Grace OR my fears that I am given Grace based on the amount of grace I do or don’t offer others.  Whew…

Grace in Greek is Karis : a sense of power, divine force that impacts our lives in supernatural ways.     Karis is the love and sacrifice of Christ on the Cross – the source of redemption.  Grace is not earned,  Grace is given, offered, poured out.

Grace changes us. The Grace of the Cross is incomprehensible and our response  is awe and a choice to receive.

John 1:16 says:  From His fullness we have all received Grace upon Grace!

Read those words again and let them sink in…

Grace isn’t about me at all!

Grace is about God.

God’s love, favor, tenderness, faithfulness, unwavering devotion.

I only need to receive God’s Grace…with Open hands and heart, mind and soul…

You only need to receive God’s Grace.

We only need to receive God’s Grace.

When I actually pause and open my heart and mind to God’s Grace, something shifts inside me.  I find rest and peace I can’t explain.

All I know is my mind slows down, the scrambling stops, the figuring out how to make things work, be better, do more, fix, become, improve… all my efforts cease…

And my soul rests.

This is where I want to spend my day.  Will you join me?

 What prevents or hinders you from doing so? Can you let those things go and receive this freely given gift? What happens when you lean into God’s Grace?

She Reads Truth: Day 25






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