do small things with great loveI often feel like I am not doing enough to bring justice, healing, mercy to others.  The stuff of life consumes my day and I wonder if my small efforts investments and engagements make a difference.

But what if the measure wasn’t the results, but the heart behind the efforts no matter the size.  What if  I read these words from Isaiah and just did “something.”

“Isn’t the fast I choose; to break the chains of wickedness, to untie the ropes of the yoke to set the oppressed free, is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor and homeless into your house, to clothe the naked when you see him and not to ignore your own flesh and blood.” Isa 58:6-7

Ouch… these words hit me hard and cause me to pause from all my trappings of “good Christian behavior” and require me to re-evaluate what I am doing, and why I am doing it!

I am convicted by those whose lives are being poured out to save and care for the poor and oppressed.  I want to do more… Inner focused Christianity, would be easier, but every time I turn inward, God propels me outward into action-  to do something.

In a world of need my efforts feel small, a bit like trying to bail a sinking ship with a paper cup. But, what if my paper cup and your paper cup and 1000 other peoples cups – what if our something’s offered to God  added up to a whole lot of difference making?

Would each effort matter-   our regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant – if our effort came from a place of our obedience and love for God?

photoEveryone can do something, and maybe our Lenten fast isn’t about giving up something, as much as getting involved in something that matters to God, justice and mercy.

I write a lot about our desire to matter and make a difference, to know we are valued.  I believe everyone one of us longs to have impact in our world, and that desire is part of our God given DNA- part of our divine design.

If you are anything like me, we get tangled up in thinking our efforts are too small, insignificant to make a difference.  But that is because I am viewing  it through my lens and abilities, not God’s. I can let the vast need paralyze me or move my heart to action.

Honestly, I just want God to sweep in and fix the world, the mess we made, because I feel overwhelmed and underequipped to really make a difference.  But into that chaos, God calls me and you to do something.

We can offer mercy, justice, bread, clothes- something- and trust that God will take our fishes & loaves and multiply them. God doesn’t ask you or me  to save the world – He is” on that.”  He does ask us to  share, welcome, give, provide- to offer our something’s and leave to rest to Him.

What is a something God has laid on your heart as part of your “fast” or sacrifice born of your love for Him?

I love Matthew West song: Do Something

I have found a place to offer my something’s with IJM.  Here is a post from last years Lenten journey about how my heart and mind wrestles with the  vast need for justice and mercy.

She Reads Truth – Lent 2015 Day 9



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