“Waiting…like Sarah and Hannah… like Ruth and Esther… like Mary and Elizabeth…waiting…is that not part of the very fabric of being a woman?”

I have been sharing a lot of things my friend Anj has written lately. Her way with words deeply touches me and I have to share it with you. She sees with discerning eyes, weaves words and crafts paragraphs like a master artist… and I am blessed, challenged, inspired and changed.

I would love to hear you thoughts on her provocative post…my thought wander to Simone Weil who spoke of ‘active waiting’ or ‘waiting in patience.’  It is not a busy waiting, but neither is it complacent…it is rather a patient surrender, (which requires the effort of active choice on my part ,at least) to that which G-d is unfolding…”waiting in patience…”and i can participate in it through the surrender and silence that eventually opens space for Shekinah to enter in and to speak…

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