Every 4 years, as I watch the Olympic athletes pursue Gold, I am inspired by the dedication, commitment and discipline exercised to get them to the starting line.

We see the end result.  The race, the routine, the best swim of their lives and cheer wildly. We don’t see the hours logged at the gym, the early morning trainings, the sacrifices made.

We don’t see all the work it took to claim their place in the race for Gold.

Years before their Olympic moment, these athletes talked about and worked tirelessly toward their goal. They dreamed, planned, and put in the incredible effort – on bad days, good days, I don’t feel like it days, to take a step closer to achieving their dreams.

I watched and wondered, “Do I do this? Do I know where I want to be in 4 years when I sit to watch the next Summer Olympics? Do I know what my hubs wants and dreams of achieving? Do I have a plan? Do we have a plan?”

OR will I be sitting here 4 years from today, wishing I had taken action and actually had the conversations with my spouse, made the plans to move us forward, and done the work?

Success in life, work and especially relationships is about the choices we make in the daily moments of life to take actions toward achieving our ultimate goal.

Choosing to dream big, then talk about our dreams with our spouse as well as listen to theirs is the first step.  Then, once we know where we are headed – our ultimate goals both individually and as a couple – we can identify the steps needed to get us there.

This year, the hubs and I have talked a lot about our dreams and goals and are making plans together.  Sharing, risk taking, planning is exciting and scary, but the only way to ultimately achieve success.

Now it’s time for discipline and commitment in action.

When can you set aside some time to ask your spouse about their hopes, dreams, goals as well as share yours? 

When you do, I would love to hear how it went and what you are working towards achieving together.


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