You don’t have to wake up disappointed on Feb 15th.  These 3 simple tips can help you save Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Blues are a Common Occurrence.

  • Not because the flowers were a cheap bouquet from the grocery store
  • Not because the steak was overcooked
  • Not because of lousy sex or lingerie that remains in the drawer

February 15th is a tough, tension filled, disappointment laden day because of Unmet Expectations.

News Flash: Unmet Expectations are Our Own Fault

They really are!  We have unmet expectations because our spouse has NO idea what they are. The secret to dealing unmet expectations: Tell him what you want!

It really IS that simple.  And your man will thank you for it.

Here are 3 Tips to Save Valentines Day:

Tip #1:  Repeat after me:  Men are NOT mind readers.

(And they are usually not as aware of the obvious clues we leave for them to trip over.)

Tip # 2:   Getting exactly what I tell him I want for Valentines Day is not less romantic.

Sharing your hopes and expectations for Valentines Day is a gift to your spouse!!  Put him out of his misery and just tell him in detail what you want.  Men love to make their women happy, so help them out by cluing them in on how to do so!

Tip #3:  Tell him what you want, hope for, and need.

If you want to get what you want, you gotta tell him what that is!

We can creatively share our desires and actually set our spouse up for success.

  • If you like surprises, give him options to pick from in a variety of price points.
  • Keep a list or Evernote file of your favorite flowers, sweet treat, restaurant, etc for him to choose from on special occasions or any old Tuesday.
  • Email him the links to your “Oh, I love this, please buy it for me” things.
  • Share your Amazon wish list.
  • Post a list of your baby sitters sohe can text to surprise you with a date night.
  • Set up a date night by getting a babysitter and putting it on his calendar, then ask him to make reservations at ____, or buy tickets to ____.

These are just a few ideas to help your spouse know and romance you. 

Feel free to add any of your helpful hints in the comments below.

Using these 3 tips will not only help save Valentines Day and other special occasions, but will keep you from being disappointed and kick unmet expectations to the curb!



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