Alanis Morrisette has a song with this title.  I love the song, and the way that Alanis tells it like it is!

Most often, the only way out is through…and that is not the most popular,easy, convenient, or comfortable road to take.  Going through one step, one choice, one day at a time is the secret to success.

It is easier to give up, to take the road more travelled, to complain, to bury the issue, deny it, or to focus on problems rather than solutions… and when we do this, we never get “through” the tough stuff.

And alot of the time… the way through can be tough.

going through… requires commitment and a willingness to grow in the process.  going through…is often harder, complicated, a struggle, uncertain, and tough…. going through… is always worth it!

going through a tough time strengthens our resolve & increases our self confidence.  We ‘exercise’ emotional & mental ‘muscles’ and form new pathways in our brain that prepare us for greater things. 

This means not quitting, shutting down doubts that sidetrack, reaffirming your passion & purpose, then… choosing moment by moment to continue on the path.  This picture is of a path that we hiked on a mountain in Sedona.  Was it hard?  yes, time consuming, you bet, worth it??? Absolutely!   (this next pic is the view at the top!)

What are you in the midst of that “the only way out is through?” 

For me it is restoring my physical health at a cellular level.  After  years of illness, lots of doctor visits, thousands of dollars in treatment,  I found a natural supplement that has restored my health and my hope!  For the first time in years, I am feeling better. So I want to do it all… right now!  But my blood work shows residual unhealth internally that requires me to go through the process and time of repair & restoration.  And to go through with patience, discipline and daily dedication to the process.  (patience is not one of my strong suits…hmmm, maybe a lesson here, a place for growth) 

(on a side note, this patience muscle has been worked repeatedly, and must need constant use to stay strong, because it seems to be part of all my lessons)

While I am incredibly grateful to be feeling better each day, to be able to be active and hopeful, I want to be ALL better without any delay!  I used to be a runner, before this debilating illness, and now that I can run again, I have to go through the process of building up my strength & endurance little by little, rather than just picking up where I left off.  This frustrates me! and yet… the only way out is through… 1 step, 1 day, 1 run, 1 mile at a time.

Restoring my internal health means eating well, getting adequate rest, reducing stress in my life, and taking supplements to fuel my body’s natural ability to heal itself…everyday! ( and Patience during the healing process)

I could look at this process of “going through” and complain or be discourged, or I can choose to grow by embracing the journey.  This is where  growth happens… on the way, not at the destination 😉 

OR, I can embrace the challenge of going through…I can read, study & learn new things to increase the effectiveness of my healthy choices.  I can visualize myself being healthy inside & out, choose daily discipline, practice patience and dwell in hope.  Knowing that the only way out is through and that my choice never to quit, but to take at least one step each day will make all the difference 3months, 6months, 1  year and 10 years from now.

This is one key to success!  Putting our blinders on and choosing consistently & constantly to just keep going through. 

One day… on the other side, we can look back at the journey we have taken… see the lessons learned, the lives touched on the way…celebrate our transformation… but only if we choose to keep going through the challenges we face today.

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