Understand your personality and behavior styles to Win at Work and Succeed in Life

The Gift of Personalities - the way we, and others, are wired radically impacts our success. Learn your specific strengths and challenges and well as gain an overview of other personality styles to maximize your communication, leadership and other people skills.

Personality & Behavior Profile (DISC Assessment) equips you to:

  • Reduce conflict by up to 35%
  • Improve Communication
  • Leverage Leadership
  • Motivate others effectively
  • Foster Team Collaboration
  • Maximize Meeting Efficiency and Outcomes
  • Navigate Conflict Wisely

For less than the cost of dinner out, and in just 10 minutes you can get your Personality & Behavior Profile and begin to create greater success.

The DISC Personality Profile is non-judgmental and acts as a guide for understanding, discussing and navigating personality differences in both person and professional relationships.

Get Started Today:

A. Full DISC Personality Profile – $29

You will receive a 25-page DISC Profile with graphs that help you understand your personality style. Discover how you see yourself and how others see you. Learn about your specific strengths, personal growth areas, and how to improve your overall communication skills.

Sections include:

  • Understanding your personality style
  • Motivational Characteristics of your behavioral style
  • Historical Characters that share your style
  • Communication DOs and DONTs for other styles
  • Discover your leadership strengths
  • Personal growth areas
  • Action Plan to improve interpersonal skills

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B. Full DISC Personality Profile with 1 hour Coaching Session – Value $350 Now Only- $200

You will receive the DISC Personality Profile and a debrief and implementation coaching session. We will review and discuss your results, focusing in on how to communicate better, improve interpersonal skills, maximize your strengths to excel in your career and improve your professional and personal interactions. We will create your personal action plan for growth to be an even better YOU!

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Hire on skills and abilities, but fire on behaviors.

  • Employee turnover, lack of engagement, and communication issues cost money and lower profits.
  • Personality conflicts, workplace drama, issues with insubordination negatively impact your bottom line.

“Low morale leads to lost productivity, which costs the American economy $350 billion annually,” according to the Gallup Organization.

What if you could INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by equipping your executives and employees with a better understanding of how  they  are individually wired – that would lead to better and more effective communication skills, ability to handle change and crisis as well as, stay focused, and gain an understanding on how they can contribute effectively.

If you are Ready to INCREASE Effectiveness, IMPROVE Communication,  have IDEAL Employee Engagement, the DISC is the right TOOL.

“The DISC Personality Profile is invaluable for teamwork:

  • It reduces the impact of personal feelings when dealing with personality styles in business dealings.
  • It equips each team member to see their own strengths and weaknesses- which impact company cohesion and success.
  • It creates a better understanding of among team members as well as between employees and management
  • It immediately improves communication on all levels.

The DISC provides in valuable insight into how you relate with others, how others experience you, and how you handle stress. 

I offer this as tool, along with a debrief and/or training session for teams and companies.

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Susie is a Certified DISC Instructor and trains on: People Skills & Communication, tailored to your specific needs.  

Susie offers a 60, 90 and half day workshop called Leadership 2.0 specifically geared to introduce your team to the DISC Personality Profile (link to this pdf leadership-2

To book Susie for your next event or if you are interested in having her lead a workshop, Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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