Thank you to everyone who is supporting my book Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!  I am beyond thrilled that God is using it to bless others and help them create better relationships.

The past two days, tons of you have been sharing, posting, tweeting about the book, and my hubbie, John, has been monitoring the rankings on Amazon, and TODAY he sent this!!

A fun treat is that I can give back to all of you and those who purchased LLL with all the FREE Bonus gifts available on at ListenLearnLovebook.com!  So be sure to go there and get them.

This has been such a journey of growth for me- learning to ask for help, leaning into God and having faith that He would bring great things.

A #1 New Release! What a total & wonderful surprise!

And it wasn’t because I had such a strong and unwavering faith!  My faith and belief felt as strong as spaghetti at times, bending and flopping all over the place- tangled up between truth and lies…

Faith – I kept trying to cling to, grow and get to stand strong!  Faith like the heroes and heroines in Scripture, rather than the faith of a mustard seed.

Oddly true for this bible teacher and 40 year believer!

But it is the truth!  Everyday, I prayed God would grow my faith – not in God, I am solidly rooted there.  My faith struggle lays in believing God will bring abundance, blessings and success in the temporal world.

God has met me, sustained me in some very dark days and times, so I have strong faith muscles in the struggle arena.  But my faith muscles are weak when it comes to believing things will go not just well, but crazy good & bring dreams come true kind of success! Even though I have seen God do this for others, I have wrestled with this in my own life, work and faith journey.

Below is a post from Facebook when we hit #4

and then… God surprised me with a #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release!

HUGE blessing and surprise!

FB Post:jeffgoins-johnmaxwell-#4

“I am Amazed and Awed at what God is doing with Listen, Learn, Love and MY doubting Susie heart!  I have been daring to believe that this could happen, but am beyond thrilled that it actually did!
TEARS in my eyes… Chin on the floor – chasing Faith!!
Seriously folks!
if you know my story at all, you  know that God and I can “do hard things” together.  But 2 months ago, I felt God calling me to pray BIG, BOLD and for Him to surprise me with His goodness and abundant blessing when this little book about relationships was published.
It may sound silly, but this was a HUGE act of obedience and surrender, because in my deepest heart, I was preparing to be let down and find the “good” no matter what happened.
It was a daily, sometime hourly TUG of WAR to let that go, confess my lack of faith and not just ASK God for SUCCESS for Listen, Learn, Love – BUT BELEIVE He Would do for me what I KNOW God can and has done for others.
Long before my heart began to believe, my mind rehearsed it over and over…
“DARE to believe that miracles happen!”  “God has good things in store!” “The dreams He planted in my heart aren’t there to torment me, but to actually come to pass!” Lord, I believe, Help me in my Unbelief!!”

I am still processing all of this in my mind and heart, but wanted to share the journey with you.  If you have wrestled with believing God for God things, please share some insights in what helped your.  I am still in the midst of this thing called growth! 🙂

More to come as it settles in! But for now….

Thank you again to everyone for your love, support, belief and friendship!

I am sooo grateful for you!

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