joel 2-13Steadfast Love is the English translation for the Hebrew word “hesed;”  one of my favorite concepts in the Old Testament that requires multiple words and ideas to understand.  Hesed is too big a concept to contain in a word.  Hesed is God’s love for us- covenantal everlasting, merciful, kind, gracious, tender, never ending, unchanging, steadfast…and more.

Just sit with those words for a few minutes…

Into the midst of our mess, disappointments, questions, sadness, struggles, tension in relationships, inner turmoil, sin, shame, fear… God speaks hesed. “I love you with an everlasting, steadfast, tender, unchanging love.”

sigh, deep breath… a little bit of peace settles into my heart and mind.

Nothing can change Gods heart toward us – not our mistakes, sins, hiding, anger, questions, doubts -we may turn away but His face is towards us, His heart is fully ours.  He chose me.  He chose YOU!

Chosen.  Delighted in. Loved with an Everlasting, steadfast, unchanging Love.

No matter what! We only need to open our hands and hearts to receive and embrace it.

We have all experienced the pain of not being chosen –

  • standing there hoping our name is called for a team at recess -“please don’t let me be picked last.”
  • trying out for a play, a sport, a sorority and waiting by the phone for the call that never comes
  • being a bridesmaid … again – wondering if someone will love us enough to say those magic words, “will you marry me?”
  • at another baby shower, longing for it to be ours
  • in court, watching the love of our life walk away.
  • surfing Facebook and seeing the parties and events we weren’t invited to
  • applauding as our friend accepts the award we wanted
  • cheering for her, when in our heart of hearts we desperately wanted it to be me

Into these fears, disappointments, sorrow, and wonderings…God says, “I choose you! now and forever.”

Into our longing to be seen, known and chosen… God speaks hesed.

What does this truth stir up in your heart?  How does it speak to your story?  How would embracing God’s hesed change you as it seeped into your heart, mind and daily life?

She Reads Truth- Lent 2015-Weekly Truth (day 5)



3 Responses to “Steadfast Love”

  1. Linda

    God’s Girls–how comforting. How wonderful that regardless of our abuse of the gift of Free Will God still chooses us!
    I have lived long and fully enough to have had many failures, many rejections, many heartaches. I’ve made many mistakes along the way and have suffered from extreme willfullness, pride, self doubt, intolerance, arrogance, lack of faith. It’s amazing how much smarter I was when I was young and had it all figured out. I didn’t intend to be insensitive or careless with other people’s feelings, but the truth is that I was. Sometimes I still hurt someone with a harsh word or I don’t see someone’s pain because I forget they aren’t me. They don’t process as I process; their experiences are different. It saddens and quiets me. It is humbling.
    When I was managing sales and support staff and they were discouraged by receiving too many ‘no thanks’ I would send them out to visit with someone who loved to see them. I sent them to see someone who thought they were the cat’s meow, the bees’ knees, the best. Just as I made a deal with myself when teaching elem kids to say something genuine and nice to and about each student each day. It wasn’t always easy: some days I didn’t find the right words until they were walking out the door.
    Knowing there is someone who loves you as you are matters. And, when it’s God? That’s the best!

  2. Laurie

    I tried to send a private email, here is what I wrote: I’m unable able to print out anything, we are living on disability insurance, but thank you very much anyway for the offer, God bless you!

    • Susie Miller

      I am sorry you are struggling. If it helps, you can open the document and then write the verses on paper so you have them to read and review. Sometimes seeing them in my own hand writing is an even better way to remind me of their truth to me personally.


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