“Susie is dynamic, motivating, and engaging… an infusion of energy, humor and hope.”

Jeff H. President & Founder Cobalt Construction

Gary George Blazin Multimedia"Susie Miller's speech was one of the most DYNAMIC and eye opening experiences I've encountered in years. She was able to boil down an extremely complex topic into bite size memorable and actionable chunks. Her command of the crowd, brilliant delivery, and contagious personality made her presentation a joy to sit through, and the information was PRICELESS!!!!"

                                                                            Gary George, CEO Blazin Multimedia


“I was moved by the authenticity with which Susie spoke and how she moved the audience to take action and really communicating very effectively.”

Dan Miller, 48 Days.

Testimonial from Dan Miller-48 Days for full testimonial

Thank you for considering me for your event.  I am honored.  I know the work necessary to set up a quality event, and that the speaker can make or break it.

My goal is to  equip, encourage, and entertain your audience, with practical and actionable tips, that will motivate and move them to action!

  • If you have ever sat through a boring speech, anxious for it to end.
  • If you have ever left an event and wondered, “What was the point?”
  • If you want for your audience to leave empowered to achieve greater success…

Then choosing the RIGHT speaker is one of the most important decisions. My reputation for being authentic, humorous, and engaging has resulted in becoming a  popular emcee and sought after speaker. The joke in my family, is that I was born with a microphone in my hand. I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years.

From small groups to large events, I am dedicated to using my gifts and abilities, to create an enjoyable and transformative experience for your event attendees

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Motivation & Inspiration Keynotes


The Resilience Factor:

Obstacles are inevitable in any endeavor. External and internal obstacles bring feelings of failure, impossibility and defeat. But, what if we developed resilience and trained ourselves to expect them and hurdle them with skill and grace? Resilience is an essential element in true success.

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

We all do it, talk to ourselves- even if it is just in our head. We have 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day - How many of them are negatively impacting your success in work and life? Learn how to identify destructive inner dialogue and develop constructive self-talk to catapult you toward success.

The Attitude Advantage

Success is an inside job—and it starts with a choice —our attitude. While we cannot control most things in life and business, we can control our attitude. Stop trying harder to master your circumstances, and embrace The Attitude Advantage as the key to your success.

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Business Speaking & Training


Leadership 2.0

Effective Leadership is rooted in stellar People Skills, beginning with clarity about the unique personalities of self and team members, coupled with communication skills and motivational strategies – essential in today's digital world.

Conflict Navigation

Conflict is not a bad thing.  Healthy conflict and skilled conflict navigation can dramatically improve your team or business morale, productivity and profits.

The 4 C's of Effective Team Building

Effective team building is essential for success in business and organizations, whether virtual or in person.  Proactively investing yin your team yields greater productivity and profits, because they not only work more effectively, they are more engaged in the outcome and invested in your business.

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