sorting hatThe Sorting Hat site has revealed that I am a Griffyndor. Both my daughters thought they would be Ravenclaws, the intellectually oriented house, but once they took the test, their answers revealed that both were also Griffyndors. This result surprised them a bit, but not me as their first gut-felt answers leaned toward bravery, taking risks and being loyal over being smart or intellectually guided. Though they are both terribly intelligent in very different ways;)

Without a doubt, my son is a Griffyndor, from the earliest age he loved people and is truly ‘lion-hearted,’ which may make his high-school years a bit difficult to navigate as he is not fully comfortable in his own skin just yet…

On being geeks…well, at lunch today, my oldest daughter, Kate and i, were discussing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince quite animatedly…we picked apart different parts of the story, discussed what we thought about the interesting turn of events, conjectured about the slight of hand that may be revealed in the end and the other possible unfolding of the story in book seven. Then we launched into sharing out thoughts and feelings about various characters in the series, and suddenly she looked up to see her boyfriend roll his eyes…she laughed aloud and proclaimed, “I know, we are such geeks!” i returned her laughter, winked at her boyfriend and the conversation took off for another 15 minutes as i told her about the sorting hat site that i had found via inner dorothy, sue’s blog, at St.Casserole’s blogsite, and then all of us had to jump on the site and see what house the kids were in! sorting hat

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