In the midst of daily life – I have been enjoying birthdays, packing up, getting ready for school and other busy-ness that makes life meaningful.

I have had a crazy few weeks, and I am pausing briefly, before skidding into this one with enough momentum and chaos to keep the wheels turning a bit longer…  in the next two weeks we have four birthdays…two very significant ones as my eldest daughter, Kate, turns 20!  and my second daughter, Emily turns 18!  (throw in mine and their dads and it is birthday cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Kate keeps asking me if I feel old, now that she is going to be 20…”i mean 20!” she says with great expression and flair… “that is serious!”

i, however, do not feel old… just very tired 😉  ( i am glad to still be young as we lean toward becoming empty nesters, so that john and i can travel and explore the parts of life that remained unventured while we raised kids through our 20’s and 30’s…)  i think i will take a very long nap once everyone is back in school…just as soon as i clear off the bed;)

but i digress… these weeks have been fun, filled with laughter, lots of projects for kates very first apartment, getting my youngest, my son ready for highschool… which means driving him to and from football practice, and feeding him…alot!  having art parties with middle daughter, watching movies late into the night and sharing memories and margaritas with neighbors and friends… i am always sad to see the summer come to an end… (as much as i love the crisp feel of notebook paper, the promise of new books and back to school clothes, the freshness of fall, and the promise of a more scheduled life…i love the long, lazy days of summer vacation!)

So for the next week… i will be away from this wonderful world of the blogosphere… you will find me squeezing every drop of life out of these lingering moments… and i fear that stopping to write about them will chase them away all to soon…(though i imagine the running thought of “i can write/blog about this” will often cross my mind!)

i hope that you are enjoying these last snippets of unscheduled and unstructured time and i will see you in september!


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