decideDecision time. What you do next and in the days to come make all the difference in achieving the goal. Decision time yields one direction, one path, without any other options.

I wrestle with decision time, preferring to give myself an out,  just in case I blow it, if I didn’t throw my heart over the line, I can trick myself to pretending I wasn’t really all in.  Willpower leaks out, I stumble, fall, compromise, give in and dive into the sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints, even though I gave up sweets for Lent.  It’s Sunday and don’t you get a reprieve on Sundays during Lent?

Can you relate?  Even though Decide, Commit, Go All In, No Excuses  are the messages of success, I often leave a back door exit, just in case.

And just in case, usually happens – probably because I allowed for it, making room for compromise before I ever begin.

Compromise isn’t a bad thing in many cases – however it wreaks havoc with goals and commitments.

Determined and Decided is a no matter what kind of posture.

set his face to jerusalemJesus set His face or  steeled Himself, purposed Himself, prepared Himself, resolutely set out,  steadfastly set out, was determined to go to Jerusalem.

Fully aware of the events to come, Jesus determined to go to Jerusalem, endure the cross, shame, physical agony for you and me.  While Jesus knew the cost, He clung to the reward… our redemption.

Decided and Determined, Jesus told his friends, “Here is what I am going to do;  this is what will happen, but I am decided and nothing will change my mind, heart or course of action.  This is my purpose.  This is God’s plan. This is why.”

The “why” behind our decisions and actions keeps us going when our will power fails.  When our determination falters, our decisions, commitments born in moments of sane clarity push us onward.

Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem, in full awareness of the events he would endure.  Non negotiable -no matter what.

I think the only place I have even an inkling of  this kind of sacrifice, relates to being a mom.  Sleepless nights, rocking sick and sweaty babies, vomit on my shirt, singing softly, begging God for their fever to break and their eyes to remain closed for a few hours.

These and other mom moments are the closest I come to pure sacrifice born of love.  Determined and decided that nothing matters as much as my precious child, I do whatever is needed.

Love does.

Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem driven, compelled by Love.

Nothing we do earns or deserves His actions.

Sitting with this truth today, I want to lean in and rest, just as my babies did as we rocked in the wee hours of darkness.

I just want to soak in the reality of this wondrous Love. Not think, reason, understand… but trust, rest, and soak in God’s love.

Will you join me there today?  Will you pause and lean into the decisive, determined, poured out love of God for you, His precious child?

She Reads Truth: Day 27



5 Responses to “What difference does a decision make?”

  1. Linda

    What a telling expression–setting your face. I wish there were more times I could just totally focus on a task, a situation, a project, a person without possibility of distraction or disruption. Oh, I can schedule my ‘Important, but not Urgent’ activities, keep the 80/20 rule and never, never be caught in the Tyranny of the Urgent. Sorta. If everyone stays healthy, if the emails stop, if the phone is quiet, if the unfinished projects quit calling me, if my energy holds, if the book(s) I am reading stay out of sight and out of mind. If, if, if.
    Is this what a soldier does when he suits up and goes out to meet the enemy? Is that what happens when you prepare for surgery or chemo or another dreaded test, task or encounter? When there is no alternative? When you can’t negotiate or bargain?
    It is so hard to imagine putting one foot in front of the next, all the while knowing you will face betrayal, torture and ultimately a harsh and cruel death. My heart constricts with the thought of it. Knowing Jesus faced for all of mankind, an undeserving and mostly unappreciative lot, twists my heart in knots. Could I even manage it without knowing what was coming?
    Puts the decisions I make on a daily basis in perspective.

    • Susie Miller

      The Tyranny of the Urgent is a frequent battleground for me. I like the idea of a non-negotiable when it comes to priorities. I can’t imagine Jesus’ resolve either, but I am challenged by it.

  2. Jen

    Yes, leaning in now. With soft Godly music, no distractions and reading your words. Right now leaning in feels good… Feels great. I have wrestling with something today and last night and I really needed this. Thank you for continually blessing me with your words.

    • Linda

      I turned off notifications on all my gadgets. And I took myself offline until later this afternoon. Makes a huge difference in my focus.
      Just finished Undone by Michele Cushatt. I thought her reference to the Impressionalists was particularly apt. We do need to stand back and take a different perspective. The other part I particularly related to was that ole demon, perfectionism and all that being a first born brings with it. I could only go ‘oh, yeah’.


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