peaceSeLaH…a pause, a moment of stillness in the midst of  life.    A breath, a moment to linger and reflect.

In the middle of the busy, the exciting, the sorrow and struggle, the mundane, the worship and wondering… We can Pause.

SeLaH is the Hebrew word used throughout the Psalms that signifies a pause in the music, a place where the singing ceases and the instrumental notes reverberate into the air.  For how long, I wonder?  How long is there only the breath of the created one…waiting…surrounded by the Breath of the Creator. SeLaH

In the midst of _____ (fill in the blank with whatever is going on right now in your heart, mind, or life).

In the midst of  this…. exists sacred space, a moment when God is found even without our conscious awareness.  SeLaH is a word that captivates me.  It signifies being present and living with a sense of truth, while I am in the midst…of whatever.  SeLaH

In the midst of…

  • joy and laughter
  • sorrow and pain
  • questions and shattered innocence
  • injustice and evil
  • _____ and _____

Do you pause in the midst of your life?  Or are you going at breakneck pushing of SeLaH until you have time?

One day I realized, that this “mystical time” never comes. I have to take time, make time, capture and redeem it with an intentional choice to pause.

The Psalms use SeLaH often – in moments of worship and wailing.  There is a breath that allows us to notice God in the midst of our moments.

Fun and light moments,  anxious and fearful moments… the “Stuff of Life” moments, so often juxtaposed with resilience and hope.

In the Psalms, all the emotions and questions that I have ever had are voiced, out loud…to God–and He calls it worship!  This humbles me and encourages me, because I too am invited to do and be the same.

I can  live and breath and rant and cry and think out loud as well as sing…and God calls it worship!

I believe it’s because God is far more concerned with our coming to Him, being in relationship with God, rather than getting it right, or saying what I think God might want me to say. SeLaH

Raising teenagers helped me understand this a bit more.  I would much rather they tell me what is wrong, and what they are really thinking and feeling, regardless of what it is, than for them to walk away, or to walk alone…feeling far from relationship with me.

Yet, God takes it further. God calls this worship.  The sharing of our hearts, whatever we might say is a form of worship.  I believe  this is because, more than anything else, God wants to be with us…in the midst of our daily lives, moment by moment -whatever they contain.  SeLaH

I have allowed a few friends into the mess of my life through the years.  They have traveled with me and heard my laments.  They have seen my house a mess, my heart at its ugliest, heard my questions and anger, and entered into my fear and pain…and because they have been willing to travel these paths with me…they have my heart and our relationships are secure.

It isn’t during the good and easy days of the journey that our heartbonds are forged (though they are fun and terribly necessary) but in the honest communion that comes while being together in the midst…

The same is true of our relationship with God.

So take some time and pour out your heart – whatever is brewing… then- breathe, be still… Pause. SeLaH


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