Isaiah 30;15I love the stillness of snowy dawns.  Quiet, peaceful, reverent.  Clean, pure, new.

Before the laughter of children, the snow angels, or boot pocked ground, the world is quiet…and hope overwhelms my heart and mind.

A brief moment of quiet is rare most days, we wake up and hit the ground running, kids, jobs, errands… worries, fears, responsibilities…hopes, dreams, pain… press in and shatter the quiet.

You know that moment when you first wake up, before your mind kicks in?  It reminds  me of the feeling I got watching my little ones sleep.  free and peaceful…unburdened.

That is what God offers us- each moment…rest, salvation & strength.  They come from Him through repentance, rest, trust and quietness.

I think that means we need to capture moments of quiet in them midst of the daily.  Affirm our trust, repent and rest in being washed white as snow.

I am not sure what that looks like for you today… but I know it isn’t easy.  Life swirls demanding attention and action. And God beckons us amidst the noise, dirty dishes, piles of laundry, work, meetings, responsibilities, insecurities and doubts… and invites us to be quiet with Him, to trust Him, to rest in Him and in doing so find strength.


This is my prayer for us today, sisters. That we would hear His whisper and pause for a moment of quiet… because somehow that can make all the difference in how our day goes, how our hearts feel and how our minds rest.

She Reads Truth -Lent 2015- Day 2 is about returning to God and as I read, this verse in Isaiah came to mind.  We return to Him, tumult in our hearts, repentant, wondering, questioning… but we actively choose  to turn towards Him…when we want to run and hide, get cleaned up first, or find a formula for being acceptable.

He whispers, come, return to me, in repentance and rest is your salvation – not in getting it right… and in quietness with Him we find strength.

Oh how He loves us and longs for us… today, lets turn toward Him in quietness and trust; there our minds find rest, our souls are stilled as we receive His forgiveness and savor His love.

Together we grow.


4 Responses to “Quietness”

  1. Jen

    I love this piece. The words of such peace and tranquility and I love how it tells it like it is “amidst the noise, dirty dishes, laundry, responsibilities etc. why is so hard to find those quiet moments? Just reading this gave me a moment of peace and rest amongst all the chatter. I pray for more moments like these…

    • Susie Miller

      Jen, me too friend. peaceful moments are tough to capture and enjoy. I try to pause more often and carve them out. which as you say is tough with kids and life in general. Don’t you think this is why women are so tired? We lose self care in our caring for others and then have less to offer. I wish i had learned to be kinder to myself and offer myself compassion and care when I was younger. I think I wasted alot of energy trying hard to get it right, instead of just “be-ing.” I wonder how to help women learn this sooner…


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