Coalition for Darfur has requested help on the following petition:

We, the undersigned, beseech the international community, and particularly, the United Nations, to organize and implement a strong, well-manned, and well-resourced intervention in Darfur, Sudan, in order to stop the ongoing genocide being perpetrated by Government of Sudan (GOS) troops and the Janjaweed (Arab militia) against the Black Africans of Darfur. In order for the intervention to be effective — and not another fiasco as the international community witnessed in Rwanda in 1994 and then again in Srebrenica in 1995 — the mandate must come under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which allows for peace enforcement, not simply peacekeeping. We urge that a minimum number of 12,000 troops be allocated for this mission, and that the mission be supplied with all the necessary equipment — in good working order and adequate supplies to operate, and repair such when needed, to carry out the mandate/mission.

We also strongly urge that the mission be undertaken as soon as possible for each day that goes by an estimated 500 innocent people are losing their lives.

Proof of the effectiveness of such a mission should be based upon the following criteria: (go to coalition site to read the rest!)

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