dollar in jarAnyone else want to do this with me starting tomorrow?
it is a fun way to hold yourself accountable.

And… while a dollar a day doesn’t feel like much, it will add up to $100 for a special splurge… what will you use your $$ on?

me?  a pair of shoes that i don’t really”need”- but really want!!

Who is in?

POST: here or on my FB page

your name and goal:  Susie- 30 minutes of some type of exercise every day- 100 days 😉

Everyday you meet your goal

POST: “ i did it!” or a pic of your $$ jar on  my FB/my Blog

The GREAT part about this:  you get to see your $$ grow!

And if you miss a day, there is no beating yourself up… just no $$

It is a gentler way to hold yourself accountability.  I mean seriously… who really needs another thing to beat yourself up over.- not Me! Just REWARD yourself for the days you accomplish your goal and over time, that will help your motivation Grow!!
(this graphic is from Skinny Mom , but i have done it multiple times in the past when i am not motivated and need a little extra push to just get it done! )

So who is In?  Post below or on my FB page: 

can’t wait to CHEER you on to success!  and share  pics of  our $$ splurge!

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