SRT-Lent2015_instagram1-1Pause… take a deep breath and just pause.

I don’t do that often enough, do you?

Lent is a season of Pause. A time to reflect and ponder.

This is Lent. It’s a time to stop—wherever we’re going and whatever we’re coming from. Whether we’ve been anticipating this season since Christmas, or it’s stopping us cold on our way to where we think we need to be—here we are.” #shereadstruth


Sometimes, I want to run from those moments.  Instead of rest, Pausing brings the crashing wave of doubts, fears, insecurities…regrets.  It’s easier to stay busy.

Appearing engaged, occupied, and put together sadly and deceptively feels safer.  Not restful or restorative, but at least staying busy provides an escape. We do that… escape, avoid… running as fast as we can from, rather than to, the One who says, Peace be still.

With power and authority Jesus spoke quiet into the storm.  Can He speak quiet into my mind and heart so pausing becomes peaceful, restful…moments of remembering that He IS here, speaking Peace, in the midst of whatever storm we are in?

Dust to Dust, not a very glamour picture.  Pondering this I wonder if it is not the beginning dust, or ending dust that really matters… but all the in-betweens, where we are invited to Be with Him.

This is where God brings Beauty from Ashes. (Isaiah 61:3). I want to pause long enough to see, embrace and live in that truth. So today when my mind races, I will choose to Be Still a bit longer…

  • to invite Peace to enter in and calm my stormy mind and heart…
  • to picture Jesus saying, Peace, Be Still.
  • to remember the beauty He has brought from the ashes of my life.

I will try… Pause… breathe Will you join me? She Reads Truth- Lent 2015- Day 1  

2 Responses to “Pause…”

  1. Linda

    Pausing sometimes looks like stalling. Pausing says I’m thoughtful and deliberate. Stalling says I procrastinate, am tentative, somehow unsure of myself and even weak. Stalling means I am not making the most of the time I have. At least, that’s the way it seems.
    I haven’t responded to this Day 1 message because I was pausing. Pausing to consider pause as a good thing and not the opposite. If I pause to enjoy the quiet of the morning after all the get going distractions, or mid day for a cup of coffee and no emails or texts or phone calls, it is regenerative and energizing. Quite the opposite of avoiding the project on my desk or the ‘to do’ list that never seems to shrink, no matter how many lines are crossed out. So, it seems to me the goal is to use the ‘pause’ as a power nap equivalent.
    Today when I take time to pause, I’ll see if my red headed woodpecker has come out to play or the hawk has returned to its perch. I’ll be grateful for the time to contemplate the beauty of the snow covered ground and trees, hoping for a splash of color that says my feathered friends have returned.

    • Susie Miller

      I am learning to Pause more as I get older and realize the benefit of it. I relax into pausing more and actually love snow days when the world slows down. Enjoy your woodpecker friend.


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