I used to think I had to totally change who I was for my relationships to get better. Bit I failed over and over again when it came to not being the real me – failed at trying to be demure and quiet, not opinionated and soft spoken, mellow and not impassioned.

I wish I was more those things sometimes- but after years of hating myself for failing again at these things – I realized that God made me …me! On purpose and for a reason and that is who I needed to be!

Sure I have some rough edges that need smoothing and some wisdom in timing, but I no longer am trying to do an overhaul of me-
instead as I embrace the wild, fun, intense, outspoken, emotional, talkative, all in kinda girl I am – I like me better! I am more secure & less in need of others approval… and doing so has improved my relationship with ME, God & others! So it’s possible for relationships to improve without a personality transplant!
Just sayin’
Can you relate?
What are you telling yourself you shouldn’t be? Finish this sentence : ” I should stop being so____ & be more ____! “.
Who told you that my friend? Do they get to name the bottom line or be the loudest voice in your life!? I hope not!
I say: you should be who God make your wild, wonderful, quiet, contemplative, just the way you are self! And relax!!
Sure some folks won’t like you – it will hurt
It will suck quite honestly -but you will stop the crazy of not liking yourself because “they said” you should be different!
I think you are amazing JUST the way you are! Allow God to work on polishing beautiful you! But be You! With all you’ve got!!
Thx @momastery for setting the example of being bold enough to say it like it is! #carryonwarrior

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