Listen, Learn, Love retroChoices…Everyday we can make a choice to create better personal and professional relationships!

From putting away our smart phone at dinner, watching TV shows with our teens (that are of no interest to us, but may be the talk of their lunchroom) to asking an appropriate but personal question about the life or family of one of our clients in order to get to know them a bit better…

We can make a Intentional Choices…Every day, in Every interaction to move towards improving our relationships!

Most of the time, I think we love the power and privileged of choice… right up until it become responsibility.  Then we have to pause and really own the fact that our relationships, and our life really… are a result of the choices we have made.

This is both the good news and the bad news!

If we make good choices, wise choices, intentional choices = Good news!

If we make poor choices, default choices, or even bad choices = Bad news!

The best thing about the power of choice is that we are always one choice away form making changes!  We can do one thing that is good, positive, helpful, healthy and then do it over and over again to really begin to change our relationships and lives.

What if we held our tongue and didn’t make the sarcastic biting remark in a disagreement?

What if we paused and listened to our teens rant before we tried to help them see a way through their struggle?

What if we engaged with a client in a manner that communicated we cared about them as a person, not as part of our paycheck?

What if we went the extra mile, took the added time, went out of our way to show another person that they were important to us…

Wouldn’t these simple choices, and yes sometimes hard choices make a difference? Try it!  See if your relationships get a little bit better with each choice you make to show someone you really do care!

Please share your thoughts and stories of making choices…


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