We’ve all been there… sitting at an event and wondering when the speaker will finish rather than being drawn in and learning from them.  This was NOT the case at Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event.  

Mike graciously shared the stage with 6 speakers who imparted wisdom and actionable tips from their expertise in entertaining and informative ways . (I’ll share lessons from Mike in another post.)

While I took pages of notes, I am going to give you 2 takeaways from each speaker, that way you can apply them to your life and work as well.

Influence & Impact Event Speakers:

Val Brown: 

Tip #1: What to Wear

Wear solid colors while on camera, no large, distracting, or noisy jewelry because you want the audience to focus on You, NOT on what you are wearing.

Make sure your appearance is cohesive with your brand style.

Tip #2:  Not ALL Publicity is Good publicity.  

Ask about the purpose of the interview and Assess if it aligns with your business brand, purpose, and goals.

Bonus Tip:  Do the Chicken for great selfies (ie, thrust your chin forward a bit) Sounds silly, right?  Take a before and after selfie to see just how effective the chicken is!

Michael Hudson:

Tip #1:  Solve a Specific Problem

You must be able to answer this question specifically and in the language of their business: “What problem do you solve for the people you serve?”

Tip #2: Ask more questions

When preparing for a speaking gig, Ask questions, Listen, Ask more questions in order to discover what their pain point/need is, and craft your message accordingly.

Bonus Tip: Don’t just speak and be done. Serve your client with articles, follow up contact to continue relationship building.

Jennifer McClure:

Tip #1: Positioning is Key

Position yourself as an Expert on your subject matter, NOT as a speaker. Companies are looking for Experts who speak.

Tip #2:  Invest in your Slide Deck

Keep them simple with 1 point per page. Include sources for your research. When you do use audio/video, prepare 2 slide decks to be well prepared for potential technological difficulties.

Bonus Tip: Connect your offerings to their bottom $$ line.  Use concrete business based results in your dialogue and pitch.

Kary Oberbrunner:

Tip #1:  Books are Passive Impact!

Books impact people when you are not present, long after you die. Books leave a legacy.

Tip #2:  Books lead to Integrated Product Suite

Book are NOT a single product, but the gateway to courses, masterminds, certifications, speaking and more for maximum Impact & Income.

Bonus Tip: Link your book to what’s happening in the media/culture for more exposure,  impact and income.

Jody Maberry:

Tip #1:  Podcasts have far reaching impact.

Doing a podcast can help you build influence. People listen while they “do life,” and they get to know you personally.

Tip #2: Just get started!

There are people waiting to hear what you have to say, choose to fill the void and get your content out thee to help people.

Bonus Tip:   Face your fear today, so you won’t have to live with regret tomorrow.

Jason Clement: 

Tip #1:  Design Matters!

People make a decision about you based on your logo, site look, and other visuals, so your design must stand out and communicate trust.

Tip #2: Embrace White Space

Don’t clutter up  your home page – Keep it Simple, Straightforward and Uncluttered.

Bonus Tip:  You have 0.05 sec once your page loads for people to form an opinion, so you must quickly communicate what you do.

Which of these Takeaways will you implement today to take your business to the next level and increase your Influence & Impact?

There are many more lessons and tips I gleaned from these excellent speakers that won’t fit in a blog post. I invite you to do what I did … if you go to their sites, get on their lists, and continue to learn from them too!

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