I have this sign in my sunroom… I got it for my last birthday, from some good and humor-filled friends who know me well…

fresh (fresh):  adj:  cheeky, saucy, shamelessly bold; a trait commomly found among middle-aged women

This Christmas, I got a subscription to the magazine “MORE” geared specifically for women over 40, and I am proud to be in this crowd… it is a relaxed, confident time, not plagued by confusion of your 20’s trying to figure out who you want to be when you grow up… nor the neuroses of your 30’s when you wonder if you and/or anyone else likes who you are becoming as you pretend to be grown up!

No one told me that your 40’s are a great time of life… you can have a mid life crisis and be honest about it, because you are finally able to admit that you aren’t sure about a whole heck of alot, and still interested and bold enough to find out what it is that you don’t know… And it is freeing and fun!

Being in my 40’s is Wonderful! I have the freedom to explore without the burden of explaination…who knew “Because.”  is a complete sentence… right behind “No.”

And so, each day as i sit in my sunroom and see my Fresh & 40 sign, i smile and wonder what new adventure today will bring, as i take the time to figure out just what a grown up is!!!

My good friend and mentor Wes, talks about life in thirds, rather than halves, and i like this concept! It offers even more latitude for growth and becoming, for service and life living. He is a great example of the ongoing unfolding of G-d’s plan and purpose during each season of life…especially the second two-thirds…and thus i am inspired and anitcipate all that is unfolding…

stay tuned…

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