marriage -christmasMarriage relationships often take a back seat to our crazy schedules: activities, kids, responsibilities and volunteering, …life is full and days fly by.

Add in the hectic-ness of the holidays and our relationship with -the one who is  always there, love of our life , best friend and partner -is usually next to last on the list.  (just above us as wives and moms).

If we aren’t intentional, it’s easy for days to pass without talking about anything besides whose picking up the kids, what gifts to buy, calendar gymnastics and work hassles.  I am guilty of this… then I wonder why I am feeling disconnected from my hubbie.

Of course I think it is “not my fault.” Sometimes, I will pick a fight and then blame it on something he said that made me mad, rather than take responsibility for neglecting “us time” In the midst of the holiday frenzy… I need to remember to set aside time and be intentional about investing in our relationship.

When I pay attention to being engaged with my man- on a soul level or on a just below the surface level – I feel more connected to him… and more attentive and aware of his needs.  This usually means he becomes more engaged as well so it’s a win -win!!

Marriage Mattersso we need to take time to _____ (fill in the blank with some of your favorite couple activities) and hold hands while doing them!!  They don’t have to be long or intense- but they should be frequent and intentional!

What are some of your favorite things to do during the holidays to stay connected with your spouse? (let’s assume lovemaking tops the list- so how about fully clothed activities!)



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