grace willow tressI love the gift of Grace…however, it often sits unused, forgotten, even unwrapped when shame, lies and perfectionism are loud in my life.

We aren’t great with Grace. It is hard to receive because it is an unearned and unmerited gift.

We are more comfortable with earning striving and achieving. But just accepting the beautiful l gift of grace…that is much harder.

Grace is kind, gentle and patient… it bends and gives with the flow of life rather than the rigid rules and standards of perfection, that we impose upon ourselves, only to fail in our efforts.   Grace beckons us in these moments…

But, we rarely extend grace to ourselves. Think about it.

What are the words that roll around in your head? My self-talk tends to be more about what I did wrong than what I did right.

How about you? Are your thoughts filled with judgments and condemnations regarding missteps or mistakes?

Far too often our response to struggle, mishandling a situation or even failure sound like: “that was dump, foolish, you should know better,” “what was I thinking getting my hopes up again. We sling berating, soul searing words at ourselves and then wonder why we are discourage, depressed and fearful.

Grace beckons us to respond differently… with words of understanding, patience, gentleness and kindness even when the truth is hard. Maybe we really did make a mistake, totally blow it or have a massive failure.

Rather than let us hide in shame, Grace says, what did you earn, how can you grow, change, adjust in the situation? What can you do next time to have a better outcome?

Grace is the answer. Grace that says that’s okay, no one is perfect and you are being too hard on yourself, Grace says, try again, your mistakes aren’t fatal, they are opportunities to learn.

Grace invites growth.

Can you imagine living like that… bathed in Grace?   With those words of grace running though your head , would that change things?  Would your heart be lifted, hope renewed? Would you have the courage to begin, to try again, to continue on?

Try it..  make a sticky note of Grace says and put it where you will see it often.  Begin to speak words of Grace over yourself and see what happens.

God looks on you with love and gentleness, patience, kindness and most of all forgiveness and love.  Being ugly to yourself wounds Him and smears the beauty of His precious child.  Living in Grace is accepting His gift and treating ourselves as He commands.

Living in Grace – soaking it in till I get pruny– That’s how I want to be described!

I have a mug on my desk that says “I hold myself to a standard of Grace… not perfection,” it is a daily reminder of the choice I have to live in Grace.

What few words come to mind when you hear the phrase “Living in Grace?”

How about you? Will you embrace the gift of grace? What self-talk can you change? Where will you let your heart hope?

Post your thoughts and comments.  Please share this with someone who needs a bit of grace today.  Thanks!


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