chaos, stuff, storageOkay, so there is this great commercial on TV about getting organized and then magically staying organized if you just buy this great closet organization system…and the clever tag line is “life…stuff…storage…”

this week it has been more like…”life…stuff… and no storage, no organization, and no clever tag lines… just lots of stuff and lots of life seeping out of every nook and cranny of my days…

some of the life and stuff is fun…preparing for preaching two sermons, shopping for things to decorate my oldest daughter’s first apartment ever!  sewing cushion covers to make the cargo furniture that is included in these off campus housing units a little more bearable, choosing artwork for the walls,  watching design on a dime and other HGTV shows for creative, clever, yet affordable decorating ideas… getting my middle daughter ready for senior pictures (who knew she would want me to do her makeup and be so interested in my opinion about what she wore;)  and… hanging out with my son, who happened to grounded this week;)  (we actually had some fun together).

there are papers all over my floor,  sermon research…thread snippets on the floor from the sewing project… and files that are being updated are stacked in the corner, keeping company with the dust bunnies, and my “to do” list grows increasingly longer!

and to make it worse my internet service has been down, on and off, all week…maddening!

life, stuff and more stuff…

chaos is reigning around here…and i can only hope that from the chaos comes some creativity, because that is far more realistic than any organization coming from the recent stuff of life;)

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