let-it-go  MomasteryPerfectionism is a weight that breaks the mind, spirit and heart. As a recovering perfectionist… I know this all too well!

Sometimes I just break out into the song… “Let it go, Let it got…” and it reminds me to do just that!

Sometimes I have to keep singing those three words over and over in my head to be brave enough to actually do the letting go!

Today I am letting go of the pressure to get a creative project perfect and let good be good enough!

We need to let go of the things that hold us back, weigh us down and keep us from living up to our full God Given potential.

How can we be bright shining lights for Him when we are burdened with things we aren’t even supposed to carry…. burdens, worries, stresses, fears, broken hearts and dreams that God wants to carry for us.  Even in our darkest days… in the weight of grief, loss or deep pain…  we can choose to give our burdens to God…let Him carry them … and walk a bit lighter.

On just plain old regular days the “stuff” of life gets heavy too!  We get tangled in our own mess of burdens …and too often we power through. But… we can choose to Let it go!

We can give our daily, tiresome worries to God and let Him carry them.  He wants to!  He says so in Matthew 11:28.

Burdens of relationships struggles, tension with kids, financial worries, mean girl words swirling in our head, doubts about God’s love for us.

We can choose to Let them go and Let God carry them… and be free to be creative and present to the people and happenings of our life today.

Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery wrote an incredible post today:  the picture and idea came from her — They spoke to me as I am struggling today to Let God and let God!  … and I had to share it with you!
What are you carrying that you can Let Go?

If you are comfortable doing so, please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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