Katrina… a name that now carries so much weight and meaning…images, words, silences, triumphs, failures, heroism, horror …in the USA.

These are not stories about another country, another people, another place, but about us and what we are capable of as a human race in response to great pain and struggle…there is both hope and horror in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Dumbfounded, I have had little to say, much to think about, and been slow to write anything…

The United Methodist Committee on Relief has set up an excellent way to help, one of many.  Our church, Crossroads UMC is a drop site for the items listed on the webpage, simple items really, urgent items…blankets, bottled water, health kits, flood buckets (specific items & instructions via website)

Anj has a remarkable list, and Dwight posted a link to Chris Seay’s plea for help in Texas, along with an excellent downloadable video.  Natala has ideas, inks and resources in the midst of her beautiful words & poetic reflections…

there are many more bloggers, voices and hands being raised in aid… too many to mention here…find one…do something

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