Dsc02299                                                                               Today is a big day at our house!  today, our oldest daughter, Kate comes home from her freshman year of college!

well, actually, john and i go get her, pack her up, load her up, clean up her room (which is miniscule), and bring her home for the summer.  What a milestone for her…for us! (photo is Kate and her dad on graduation day last year…time sure flies!)

we have missed her wit, intelligence, willingness to discuss and debate issues she feels strongly about, stories of her friends and their escapades, her helpfulness and her laughter!   Kate  has come home for numerous visits, but now it will be for a whole summer…she is excited, we are excited…even her sibs are excited!  though it will mean one more wait for the shower…;)  (and the stuff we didn’t miss;)

as i sit and ponder the last school year, i am amazed at how quickly it has past, at how much has transpired, and how hopeful i feel.  maybe it is simply the spring, but i think it is more.  i am amazed by my family…each in their own right.  it is a delightful view from where i am standing!

…and my sweet Kate, has done more than survive her first year of college…she has thrived and grown and stunned me once again with her wisdom, grace and maturity.

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