tedtruthanddareSocial Justice is a global issue, increasingly featured in the news, as the grassroots movement has come center stage. In fact, Forbes ran an article highlighting 5 Activists Fighting for Social Justice who were featured at TED 2105- Just and Unjust Session 9.

International Justice Mission, founder Gary Haugen, was one of those Activists, World Changers, Difference Makers. I want to be one too!  As I got involved with this issue, I learned that every effort, support, prayers, advocacy – no matter how small- makes a difference.

Haugen spoke on Simple Failures of Compassion, stating;

  • “Poor women and girls between 15 and 44, are victims of everyday domestic abuse and sexual violence that account for more death and disability than malaria, car accidents and war combined.”
  • “In Bolivia, if a man sexually assaults a poor child he has a higher chance of slipping in the shower and dying than ever going to jail for that crime.”
  • “Yes, number of people who live on less than $1.25 is down from 50 percent to 15 percent over the past three decades – but if you move that number up to just $2, nearly the same number of people are living in poverty.”
  •  We must address this violence and its constant companion: lack of effective law enforcement.”

IJM is on the frontlines fighting for justice in 4 specific ways:  Rescue, Restore, Restrain, and Represent.

27 million in slavery Today, over 27 Million people are caught in the epidemic of  human trafficking – modern day slavery – in our neighborhoods, states, country and across the globe.

This breaks my heart.  It is one cause I am passionate about. And in the ocean full of need remind myself that while no one can do everything, everyone can do something.

It’s crucial to understand the root causes and the effective actions to battle them. as well as rescue the enslaved.  The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen is a great place to start.

She Reads Truth Lent 2015 Day 37 focused on Justice, so I am linking to  from April 2014, when I attended IJM Global Prayer Gathering to help end modern day slavery.

This year on April 17-18th I will be there – I would love for you to join me?  It is a powerful and life changing event.

At the IJM Global Prayer Gathering 2014:

I heard stories of

  • darkness, oppression and evil.
  • delays, bribery,
  • men laughing at the thought of being held accountable for their crimes.
  • corrupt officials
  • business and profit more valuable the lives of children
  • families selling a child to slavery to provide for the other siblings
  • brothels where $3 bought time with a 13 yr old girl
  • falsely accused and imprisoned fathers, husbands, and sons

I heard stories of:

  • workers investigating crimes against women and  children
  • field agents rescuing boys sold into slave labor
  • 1000 intercessors at church in Cebu
  • lawyers prosecuting a case for 6 years till justice was served
  • abusers, traffickers, slave traders convicted and sentenced to 7-23 years of prison
  • perseverance
  • aftercare workers binding up wounds of body and soul
  • rescue and redemption
  • healing and hope
  • miracles from the Hand of God.

I wept, prayed, stood in awe, knelt in silence, joined hands and lifted voices for God to be profoundly present in each of these stories and to bring justice to the oppressed.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Social Justice, Human Trafficking, and the Violence of Poverty must be addressed.  I am thrilled there is a growing awareness of the need to take action.

Awareness is the first step.

Awareness leads to action, because we cannot know the truth and do nothing.

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  1. Linda

    Thank you for your passionate committment to ending slavery and injustice. I cannot attend the conference, but will add prayers for those enslaved or suffering from injustice to my prayer time and study. That, and, of course, endeavor never to contribute to any cause, action or activity that results in harm to another of God’s children.


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