Keep calm and exerciseIt’s true that exercise makes us calmer, less stressed and more focused- even just 30 minutes of walking in the morning can change the course of your day.  As a former runner, I used to scorn walking, but now 30 minutes counts as $1 in the jar! I am just grateful to be able to get out and do something!  However, that being said, I rarely want to exercise until I am already started!  Then… I am glad I did!

can you relate?

the dialogue goes some then like this:

” I’m too tired, running late or my favorite… Just way too busy to exercise today, maybe skipping one day won’t matter.”

“crap… One day almost always leads to two or ten, and I committed to exercising to stay healthy, and the people who are successful that I want to emulate say that exercise is crucial to success…And I teach on working from your comments not your emotions… So Stop Thinking and Do!  just get dressed and get started!!”

I try to keep the self talk positive, because who really needs to play another game of wack-a-mole which yourself ?

today was a day like this…


I stopped thinking…

I got dressed…and got started.

5 minutes into my power walk, I was thinking “I love this!”

10 minutes in ” exercising in the morning is great, I am so glad I did this!”

20 minutes in “this is awesome, I am going to walk 10 more minutes and Never miss a morning again!”

Have you ever felt this way?  Are you laughing and saying… Yes!  This happens to me all the time!

Well, I finally figured out why!

Activity Precedes Motivation!!

Once we get going, we are excited and glad we did…Our emotions catch up!

Reminder to self:  Choose to act from my commitments instead of my emotions!!!

I usually spend the time praying and thinking about my day and it is calming and usually some of my best ideas come during this time!  And once I am out and moving I am always glad I did!

What are some ways that you get out of your head and get into action?

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