bookcaseBooks!  I love books.  The way they feel in my hands, the things I learn and places they take me!

Sue, an awesome pastor in Canada, has tagged me!  And it is about Books…one of my favorite addictions.  I would buy books over food, dinner out, movies,  clothes  and even shoes!!

I often justify an amazon order, with how many times i do not go to starbucks and have been know to buy into the old adage, “she who dies with the most books, wins”  (consumerism at its worst, even if they are books that feed my mind and soul).

The big problem i have is that i read with a pencil and have may dog-eared pages marking passages that speak to me, and this limits my library use, but i do try…but some books are just keepers…they are friends and traveling companions, words from teachers that span the distance of time and space…

1. total number of book i own:  if the above confession is not enough, i would guess…1000ish 😉

2. the last book i bought: A Fine Balance, by Rohinton Mistry (saving it for the beach next week;)

3.  the last book i read: the out of bounds Church, by Steve Taylor

4. five books that mean alot to me:  only five?!  of all my friends and traveling companions, i can only choose five??! ok, off the top of my head, just sitting here…

The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams, The Need and Blessing of Prayer, by Karl Rahner,  The Beginning of Desire, by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, The Gift of the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindberg, Dialogues with Silence, Thomas Merton, Basic Philosophical Writings, Emmanuel Levinas, (ok, that’s 6, but I had to include Levinas;)

5.  two major books i read when i was a kid: Island of the Blue Dolphins, any Nancy Drew book, ever in search of the strong, independent, smart feminine.

and five folks i will tag…

karyn, anj, bobbie, lilly, and susan…”your it!”  have fun!

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