change is uncomfortableThis is so true.. and how many times do we really raise our hand and say “pick me,  pick me… I want to be uncomfortable?!!”  It’s a bit like volunteering to sit in a wet bathing suit the whole way  home from the beach.

However, everything I have learned or even taught for that matter confirms the fact that growth, change positive movement forward happens outside of our comfort zone.  Maybe that is why it is so valuable and feels so great when we achieve it.

We had the guts to step out, jump scared, be totally uncomfortable and the reward were worth the sick feeling in our stomach, the sweaty palms, the hamster wheel o f doubt in our head as we felt our fear and did it anyway.  We actually did say, “Pick me.. I will be uncomfortable… because more important than how I is feel… is where I am headed and the growth or success I am working towards.”

I  feel this way when I  hesitate to and take action on the things my coach tells me to do to reach my goals… I remind myself that I did raise my hand and actually asked to  be uncomfortable!!)

but I didn’t think I would be so hard as i come closer to reaching a lifetime dream. Finishing my book manuscript over the weekend, brought all kinds of unconformable to the surface!!   I wondered if my book would be good, if anyone would read it, like it… I wanted to revise it 10 more times and make sure it was perfect, I doubted I  had anything worth saying… and I battled self sabotage.  I wanted to punt, quite, talk myself out of my dream and even went down that road.. then i remembered.  I raised my hand… I said it out loud…  I even  posted on FB

What was I thinking??!  There is no hiding after you post it on Facebook!  (hint, t- want some accountability – put your goals and dreams out there for other people to ask  you about- being uncomfortable is a little bit easer that being Really uncomfortable when you have to fess up to giving up on your goal to not only God, but your FB friends!!)

think of a time that you were really  uncomfortable – control top tights cutting into my muffin top  – I  never want to feel that way again, right!  so punting wasn’t an option.

I reminded myself, it is ok to feel uncomfortable… to stop thinking and just do the work, take the leap!  (sometimes I had to say it a lot!!)  Today,  I am glad I did.

Have you ever done that??  Gone ahead and did it anyway even though you are afraid or incredibly uncomfortable.  That, my friend is true courage!!  (Applause, applause for you!)

I would love to hear some of your victories of jumping scared, or being uncomfortable to get closer to your achieving goals and dreams!!




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